Direct Note Access: Photoshop for music

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Direct Note Access: Photoshop for music

Speaking as someone who has created music on and off for nearly 20 years (albeit not on a commercial level), I can say with certainty the technology demonstrated in the video below will change the musicians approach recording music.

Previously the idea of correcting a certain element of any given chord - lets say a wrong note of a guitar pluck -has been impossible without having to re-record it. Direct Note Access easily separates all the individual tracks contained within the chord and allows for easy correction and manipulation, even though the tracks were not recorded separately to begin with. Out-fricking-standing. This means, on a worse case scenario for example, you could tune an instrument after the recording. Of course there's more to it than simple corrections. You can easily change the entire feel of a tune without having to go back and lay down new tracks. The best way to describe the software is as 'Photoshop for music'.

Even if you aren't into music production you will defiantly appreciate the technology demonstrated below.

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Johnson's Wang

Friday 18th April 2008 | 08:32 AM

"What doesn't work in theory can still work in reality"
I have officially been mind fucked.

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Friday 18th April 2008 | 08:47 AM

Oh my god, as a recording artist, this program looks to completley change the way I make music. The DNA system is every musician's dream come true.

I can't wait to try the software, Autumn can't come fast enough.

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Friday 18th April 2008 | 04:56 PM

OMG, the software even has all the scale modes, like lydian, etc. It can isolate the individual notes!!!

This is amazing, and Peter Neubacker is a genius. He is the god of signal processing.

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Saturday 26th April 2008 | 05:59 PM

The music is gorgeous.

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