When do you want to go today?

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When do you want to go today?

Think about this hard. Some of you might already know the answer. I just asked a friend and she says she would like to be in the studio when David Bowie first recorded Space Oddity. I like Bowie so I can dig that.

But if you were given the opportunity to travel back in time for just one day, where would you go? What year? What event? What would your intentions be? Something self indulgent like my friends' Bowie fantasy or perhaps something important to society? One event that does come to mind would be to 'prevent' birth of a certain child in Austria on April 20th 1889.

So where and where are you headed?

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Tuesday 22nd April 2008 | 07:09 PM

I want go back to Monday last week to catch the bastards who robbed my car!

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Wednesday 23rd April 2008 | 06:33 AM

One thing that I have always grappled with is how one can grapple with the humanistic impulse that to kill is wrong. I have never been able to even grasp the intentions of hitler. How could one undertake the what he did. So if it were possible, I would like to visit him to figure out why the hell he did what he did.

The only other one I can think of is Temujin or Ghengis Khan, equally as brilliant, eaqually as demonic.

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Wednesday 23rd April 2008 | 08:30 AM

I want to see the big bang

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Wednesday 23rd April 2008 | 08:59 AM

Six years ago, to the day.

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Wednesday 23rd April 2008 | 04:29 PM

back to the day i left high school, but this time around i would stay on to finish what is now known today as years 10 11 12.....

so when can i go back......dr who are you here somewhere!!

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Wednesday 23rd April 2008 | 05:37 PM

A good topic and I would want to see the alleged miracles of Christ so I could come back and tell it like it really happened. It probably went something like this...


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Wednesday 23rd April 2008 | 05:55 PM

I wouldn't change the past, simply because of the Law of Unintended Consequences. Theoritically, preventing Hilters birth may have resulted in something far more catostrophic occuring, or perhaps derailing the whole modern era. Without the two world wars we wouldn't have any of what we have today. As any good geek knows, playing with the timeline is A Bad Thing.

Personally I would like to go back as an observer only. I'd love to know what the middle ages really smelt like, and what it really like in ancient times. Just to see, hear, smell and taste things i've only read about in history books.

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Andrea L

Wednesday 23rd April 2008 | 06:05 PM

Just one day? Bah! Hardly enough time t make a difference so I am headed back to watch the moment my parents first met. Sorry to go all BTTF on you but I am a hopeless romantic.... ^.^

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