Jason Beghe denounces Scientology: Full Interview

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Jason Beghe denounces Scientology: Full Interview

Remember the brief 3 minute video last week of Jason Beghe pwning Scientology? Get ready for the full version. Beghe had been a member of the cult for over 12 years and during that time had contributed over a million dollars. In the video he also provided some startling information about the other famous Scientologists Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

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Gina Squitieri

Friday 25th April 2008 | 02:29 PM

Confuse me?

He rants on Scientology and then talks about how he learned "who he was was" (and hence that he could now trust himself ) through the help of a course he took in Scientology.

I've had the privilege of reading one of Scientology's workbooks. The only difference between it and The Secret is Scientology costs more.

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