The 2008 Fugly Awards

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The 2008 Fugly Awards

The Fugly Awards are now accepting nominations for 2008. For our compadres outside of Australia, the 'Fuglies' are a chance for frustrated viewers to vote on the worst of what's been on television over the last 12 months.

Among the categories are:

  • Worst TV Show
  • Worst Male TV Personality
  • Worst Female TV Personality
  • Most Biased Sporting Commentator
  • ‘The Eddie’ for Most Over Exposed TV Personality
  • Most Spankable Female TV Personality
  • Spunkiest Male TV Personality
  • Most Under Acknowledged TV Show
  • Most Under Acknowledged TV Personality
  • TV Network Frenemies
  • Trashiest TV Show You Secretly Love to Watch
  • Most Sensational Current Affairs Story

Go there and vote now if you are interested. I am happy to see Kyle Sanderlands made the list for Worst Male TV Personality.

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Wednesday 30th April 2008 | 11:35 AM

I still cringe when I think of last years winner from today tonight wearing kahkis with a rubber lizard on her shoulder while covering the Irwin funeral/memorial... bloody attrocious, well deserved award!

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Wednesday 30th April 2008 | 12:10 PM

I'd vote if I actually watched TV. :)

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Wednesday 30th April 2008 | 01:40 PM

Kyle Sanderlands, probably going to be another eddie everywhere after reading sundays paper. are there no other people in oz that can do t.v. work?

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Wednesday 30th April 2008 | 02:00 PM response to this comment by Jake. That was painful to watch.

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The Computer Whisperer

Wednesday 30th April 2008 | 08:12 PM

Awesome, they have " The Mint " as one of the contenders for "Worst TV Show". Trashiest moneymaking show ever.

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Wednesday 30th April 2008 | 08:43 PM

Kyle Skankilands and Jackie Ho are definitely the worst pair on TV! They take turns in sharing a common brain between them..............(albeit a very teeny one)
I love Rockwiz as it`s filmed at one the best pubs in Melbourne - The Espy in St Kilda!

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Wednesday 30th April 2008 | 08:47 PM

Did anyone notice TV WEAK does not sponsor the Fugly awards yet it sponsors the Logies? I thought they were the same type of awards.

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