Uwe Boll Talks to The Movie Whore take 2

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Uwe Boll Talks to The Movie Whore take 2

After talking with Zack Ward I was left with something that kept spinning in my brain It was this right here.

"Uwe is a brilliant producer and has God like abilities to get investors for his films."

So I figured I would go a second round with Dr. Boll to find out more.  What you will find is there is no magic it's just tireless dedication and work.

TMW: As a producer what is the first thing you do when you take on a new project?
UB: thinking about the budget, cast, location

TMW: Getting all the bases covered before finding the money man. What are some of the resources you use to find potential investors?
UB: I was unsuccessful for 4 years before I got the first investors for my movies. I developed investment papers, contracts  etc..and talked with hundreds of people before I got the first $10.00

TMW: Sounds like a lot of work.  What do you find is the best approach to take when approaching a potential investor?
UB: Use a third person to talk with him first.

TMW: Find some one that knows some one but how many times do you hear "No" when pitching something?
UB: All the time. The  film industry is for dreamers. You must accept that you will have 99%  NO and BAD TIMES.

TMW: So a lot of rejection for a little reward.  How do you deal with it?
UB: I keep trying

TMW: What other advice do have for young film makers out there doing it on their own?
UB: Try to work for the studios or big producers or directors. Get connected or rich.

TMW: In other words get good or get lucky.  To get good takes a while and some hard work.

Well again, like the first interview, we find the Uwe is direct and to the point.  You know he really is cool guy to talk to. I have hopes for Postal.  From the trailers I have seen and the way Zack described it, this flick could be brilliant.

Well kids I am off to do more damage to brain and see if I can't find that next hidden gem in the sea of infectious filth we call film. 

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Joe Marco

Tuesday 13th May 2008 | 07:24 AM

Nice one.

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The Movie Whore

Tuesday 13th May 2008 | 08:40 AM

Thank you my friend.

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