Another victory in the war on spam

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Another victory in the war on spam

A judge has ruled that Sanford Wallace and Walter Rines must pay $246 million for spamming MySpace. The fine is the second biggest of it's kind for this particular type of offence.

Wallace and Rines are guilty of using their own or other customers' MySpace accounts to spam them with email that linked them to web sites that earned them a small payment for every hit.

They apparently sent out 725,000 emails to MySpace users which I have to say is insignificant when you compare that amount to the more notorious Russian spammers who send millions per day.

But I guess they have been caught before they get the opportunity to become a real menace. Just doing the maths now, based on best case scenario and every one of the 725,000 emails responded to, each hit on the site would have needed to pay them $337. In their wildest dreams. Typically scams like this pay a cent or less.

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The Movie Whore

Friday 16th May 2008 | 08:49 AM

Do you think that MySpace will actually see any of the money?

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Friday 16th May 2008 | 09:33 AM

Awesome - Mike, I think I can see a way to pay off that speeding fine....

Quick - remove all anti-spam measures on this site and hire a lawyer!

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Nate >.>

Friday 16th May 2008 | 02:52 PM

Didn't he get busted for driving while talking on his phone?

But I don't think RustyLime would ever get rid of the taint of myspace ads........ :-(

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