Michael Jackson to fight The Pirate Bay

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Michael Jackson to fight The Pirate Bay

Michael Jackson is taking the white glove off to fight the war on piracy by planning to take on The Pirate Bay. Good luck!

The Web Sheriff announced that Jackson and others (The Village people, UB40 and the rights holders of Bob Marley’s music) will attempt to get compensation from the torrent site owners for alleged losses they sustained at the hands of music downloaders.

I would like to wish Jackson and Co the best of luck in what will essentially be money down the toilet. The lawyers representing them will no doubt be aware of the fact that The Pirate Bay has never been successfully sued or prosecuted in its entire history, mostly due to Swedens awesome laws. So either the lawyers have a magic ace up their sleeves or are just happy to take the money. You be the judge.

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Sunday 18th May 2008 | 12:54 AM

Michael Jackson and President Bush are about on the same plane here in America. 28% of the people like him, and one wonders, just who are those 28% Nobody I've ever met.

In my estimation, M.J. represents much of what is wrong in the world today. Child rape, unhappiness with what you were born with, along with a bunch of intangible things that just make him despicable and unlikeable.

If they make him their front man or even have him visible as a partner in their effort, they are for sure doomed.

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Sunday 18th May 2008 | 08:08 AM

Does Michael Jackson really believe people still like his music?
I wonder where the money is coming from as his last greatest hits album sold virtually none.
No sales = no money!

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