Will Smith opens school of Scientology

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Will Smith opens school of Scientology

Here's one we didn't see coming. Actor Will Smith is forming his own private school of Scientology, named the New Village Academy.

The California based school will be for children from pre-kindergarten up to grade 6. Each child will be issued their own laptop computer and served food from an all-organic low-fat sugar-free menu. The cost, aside from the inevitable brainwashing, is $12,500 a year for grades 3-6 and $11,500 for K-2.

What is more interesting though is L. Ron Hubbard's well documented attitude towards non-whites, as noted in this infamous reply to an email from his wife when she complained about having to do all the housework.

"You shouldn't be scrubbing the floor on your hands and knees. Get yourself a n*gger; that's what they're born for."

I wonder if Smith is aware of this information, and if he is would it make any difference? In any event it looks like he could easily be joining the ranks of Tom Cruise as far as his sanity is concerned.

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The Movie Whore

Sunday 18th May 2008 | 10:16 AM

And to think I liked Will Smith.

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Sunday 18th May 2008 | 03:51 PM

Can`t wait for "Southpark" to do a parody in this one :-P

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china blue

Sunday 18th May 2008 | 10:04 PM

You could point that out to him, but that would make you an SP.

I'm suddenly liking and respecting him a lot less.

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Monday 19th May 2008 | 10:40 AM

Wow. Just wow.

That....that blew my mind.

Another soul has just been lost. *cries*

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Monday 19th May 2008 | 02:33 PM

I think I'm on the loosing side. I'm off to join scientology.

Actually, that would be a good feature article...

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Monday 19th May 2008 | 11:55 PM

OH NOOOO... scientology..shit Really .... AWww thats sad cause I love Will Smith and did love Tom Cruise too (in the 80's), Hmm now he's too freaky
Sad xo


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Tuesday 20th May 2008 | 05:50 AM

Another one goes to the dark side.

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Gina Squitieri

Tuesday 20th May 2008 | 07:14 AM

He's charging that much? No wonder the man has a big fat goofy smile on his face. Bet he's on his way to the bank.

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Tuesday 20th May 2008 | 07:15 AM

Where did it say the school was a scientology one? I couldn't find any references on the web site you linked to. Actually, it sounded like a school that i want to go to.

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Tuesday 20th May 2008 | 07:25 AM

...in response to this comment by Laiste. I noticed that too they went to lengths to hide the fact that any kids going there will be answering to the galactic overlord Xenu.

Google: will smith scientology school

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Tuesday 20th May 2008 | 07:41 AM

Will Smith has never said he's a Scientologist. And quite a few of the articles criticise the school for having its "basis in religious dogma". Wow. That covers almost every private school out there.

I found the reference to L Ron Hubbard (under Glossary)- its one of ten different learning modules/ methods that the school uses. One of which is the Montessori method. I've only ever heard good things about the Montessori method, and quite frankly, based on that information the school is as much a Montessori one as a Scientologist one. That doesn't even take into account the other either teaching methods the school has.

Can't help thinking that we should look beneath the surface a little more. We might not find what we're expecting to find.

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Tuesday 20th May 2008 | 08:01 AM

...in response to this comment by Laiste. Will Smith Admits Being Scientologist

Will Smith boosting Scientology

Will Smith's Scientology campaign

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Tuesday 20th May 2008 | 08:06 AM

But wait! It's hard to get a lock on what's real. This one dated just a couple of months ago has Smith denying being involved with the church.


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Tuesday 20th May 2008 | 08:58 AM

...in response to this comment by Jase. Not one of those articles includes a direct quote from Will Smith saying "I am a Scientologist". There was an awful lot of 'reportedly' and 'rumoured' there that last time I looked is not the same as fact. His actual words were "I love my God, my higher power, but it is mine and mine alone. I'm a student of world religion. I was raised in a Baptist household, I went to a Catholic school, but the ideas of the Bible are 98 per cent the same ideas of Scientology, 98 per cent the same ideas of Hinduism and Buddhism. When I sit and I talk with Tom, he is one of the greatest spirits that I've ever met - someone who is committed to making the world better. How can I condemn someone for what they believe and I believe that God was born from a pregnant virgin?"

How on earth can that be contrused as saying your a Scientologist? All three articles you linked to use the same quote. About the only 'scientologist' thing he did was give cards out as wrap presents- and quite frankly I'm willing to wait for the whole story becfore I make a judgement on that.

Regardless, you have made up your mind about him and thats fine. Personally i like to actually think about what i read.

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