Eric Red talks to the Movie Whore

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Eric Red talks to the Movie Whore

When I look at what Eric Red has done in his career I see some one that knows how to leave you creeped out. The original Hitcher was a movie that made sure I never picked up a hitch hiker. Since then he has done a number of films and his latest 100 Feet is sure to make you wonder about that bump you heard last night.

Eric Red

TMW: For those that may not know you are the man behind the new movie 100 Feet, A story of a woman being haunted by her dead husband. Can you tell us a little more about it?

ER: It's a classical-style contemporary urban ghost story. It's old school in its approach in that it is character-driven and leans heavily on suspense, tension and suggestion. The challenge was to create a believable haunting. The fun in the writing and directing was being able to keep the audience on the edge of their seat where the whole film is a woman in a house with a ghost.

TMW: Sounds like a lot of work went into this film. I am a big fan of Famke Jansen and Michael Pare both. I even interviewed Michael a few weeks ago and he was a pleasure to talk to. How was it to work with them on 100 Feet.

Eric Red

ER: Both are total pros who play their roles with tremendous energy, skill, conviction and preparation. In making pictures, I like to work with people who have that level of discipline and commitment that matches mine.

TMW: You wrote and directed this film, which you have done for several of your films. What is the hardest part as a writer when some one else is directing?

ER: I don't know. The easiest part is not having to get up early. The best thing about writing is being able to sleep in. Directing a film is a big responsibility.

TMW: I am big fan of sleeping in myself.

You wrote the Hitcher then came back and when they remade the film. When I checked out the IMDb page it had listed as directing as well. What led to that decision?

ER: It wasn't my decision. Some guys bought the rights and fucked up the remake. I didn't direct it and only wrote it by default because they basically used my script. I never saw the remake.

TMW: Thank you for the correction. I have not seen the remake either as there is no way you can out crazy Rutger Hauer, unless maybe your name is Christopher Walken.

Since this is an interview with The Movie Whore, what are some your favorite films that would classify you as a movie whore yourself, you know the guiltiest of pleasures?

Eric Red

ER: The Exorcist, The French Connection, The Wild Bunch and Once Upon A Time In The West, are among my favorite films, and I'm not guilty about 'em at all.

I want to thank Eric again for taking the time for this interview. I am looking forward to seeing 100 Feet this summer. For the love of all film if you have not done it already go rent the original Hitcher and find a piece of movie magic.

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Friday 30th May 2008 | 07:51 PM

Rutger Hauer was more frightening to me in The Hitcher than any of the "true" horror villians because of the reality of the character. If you haven't watched the movie, check out this scene and see how a master writer/director does it. It's the truck scene.

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Friday 30th May 2008 | 09:37 PM

The Hitcher - what a brilliant flick. That's the first time I ever heard of Rutger Hauer. The movie made me wary if hitchers too. Was C Thomas Howell in that? What ever happened to him?

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The Movie Whore

Saturday 31st May 2008 | 01:30 AM response to this comment by /\/\@ximus. C Thomas Howell made this flick called Soul Man and then disappeared of the planet.

Actually he has still been making movies, a lot of movies.

Rutger Hauer has always been one of my favorites. After all this was the guy that played one of the best villains ever in Blade Runner. Not to mention countless other roles that made me a fan.

Chooch thanks for posting the clip. One of my favorite scenes of all time.

Eric's comments on the remake only solidify my stance on remakes. Don't do it unless you are going to do it right.

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