Nuke Puk'em Talks to The Movie Whore

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Nuke Puk'em Talks to The Movie Whore

Nuke Pukem

If you look back at my interview with Lloyd Kaufman you will see that he recommended I talk to Nuke Puk'Em. Who is Nuke? Let's go find out.

TMW: Lloyd Kaufman of Troma Entertainment recommended you to me. How did you meet Lloyd and later become the official Tromette of the Cannes Film Festival for 2007?

NP: Well I added Lloyd on Myspace and after a while, (I think he must've noticed my name) he commented my page. There after that we have always kept in contact. I was so excited that we were talking; Troma has had such a big influence in my life and a big part of my image for a while.

So anyway I asked him about being a Tromette and he said I should send in some photos, so with the help the lead vocalist from my band, 'Dead Inside The Chrysalis', 'Manek Deboto' we did the best photo shoot ever! I sent them in and I got Tromette but not just any Tromette, I got Tromette of the Cannes Film Festival! First Tromette of Australia!

TMW: I understand you are also involved in 3 bands. Can you tell us a little more about each one?

NP: I first started in a band called 'Action Figures' doing vocals, it was an all girl band and we were known to be anarchy's cheerleaders for the band I'm now in called 'Dead Inside The Chrysalis', which I do rapping, back up vocals and dancing for. The main vocalist is Manek Deboto, he created both bands. The band is also known as 'DITC' for short. The name is about evolution, to live life to its fullest and to release your freak, in other words be yourself. Alot of people hate their day job, hate their life or hate their appearance so I guess their known to be dead inside the chrysalis. The band means so much, to me and to our fans it's not just a band it's a way of life. We're heavily influenced by Troma, Deadsy, Kavinsky, David Bowie and Sigue Sigue Sputnik. We're actually trying out doing the band as a DJ set now and just experimenting with some new traxx. I was doing some of my own music a while ago called 'Puke out Nuke', that's probably the other band you saw in my Tromette bio. It's put on hold at the moment because we're working on another Project called 'Joystixx', it's a DJ set with Manek and it's where I wanted 'Puke Out Nuke' to go so I'm really excited and happy about it.

TMW: That sounds great.

Out curiosity where did the name Nuke Puke'Em come from?

NP: I needed a name when entering the band so i came up with the name either Nuke or Puke and Manek said 'Hey you should be called Nuke Puke'Em!', so we both agreed on it coz I think it totally encompasses me and my personality

DEFINITION: ~Nuke Puke'Em~ a bomb shell that mutates others into their true forms when coming in contact.

At the moment I'm going under the name of Nuke 3D, I'm still Nuke Puke'Em I'm just experimenting with the idea of the blue and red in a 3D world in a 2D comic book I'm writing at the moment, called 'Nuke'. In the episode I find a pair 3D glasses and see another version of my self in a weird blue and red hyper reality of 3D. I'm not saying too much because it might change but those are my ideas so far. It's hard to actually tell you about the visions in my head about what its going to look like without having done it yet.

TMW: Sounds ineresting and like something I just might want to read.

I am curious to know a little more about Furr Hair? I saw it on your Troma bio and could only find one article briefly mentioning it when I searched on Google. It peaked my interest.

NP: I got my green dreads done at Furr Hair in Sydney and they turned out great so they asked me to do a bit of modeling for their salon. I think they even sent some of the photos to 'Manic Panic' (a hair supplier) in New York. I had alot of fun and I'd really like to continue doing modeling so hopefully there's more opportunities in the future for me. I've had every hair color so I'm now testing how the blondes live as a platinum blonde! Who knows what I'll do next.

TMW: Since this is an interview with The Movie Whore, what are some of your favorite movies that would classify you as a movie whore? You know the guilty pleasures.

NP: My favourite movies are .....there's so many!...ummm Super Tromette Action Movie Go! (staring me), Joysticks, The Wraith, Surf Natzis Must Die, Class of Nuke'Em High 3, The Toxic Avenger, Rainbow Brite and the Starstealer and I really want to see a movie called 'Steak', it was made by Mr Oizo and it's got my favourite Producer/song writer in it called Kavinsky. I can't get this movie in Australia so i think I'll have to buy it online. Hahaha and who could forget *#$@!busters staring Ron Jeremy. We'll do you think I'm a movie whore? There's so many more movies I like, i guess u can check out my myspace and find out if you think i'm a movie whore or not.

So there you have it. I enjoyed getting to know Nuke and wish her the best in all her future endeavors.

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