Sunset on Mars

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Sunset on Mars

While the world's attention is focused on the Phoenix lander's soil samples and we debate whether that really is ice under there or not, I would like to offer a time-out, and draw your attention to this stunning photo taken by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit in 2005.

This is our Sun, setting as seen from Mars. I just love the light scattering in among the dust. How eerie would it be to witness such a scene?

Mars Sunset


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Greg M

Thursday 5th June 2008 | 08:39 AM

Excellent shot!

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Nate >.>

Thursday 5th June 2008 | 09:32 AM

That's awesome! :-)

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Thursday 5th June 2008 | 09:35 AM

What a shot!

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Joe Marco

Thursday 5th June 2008 | 12:43 PM

one day hombres, one day...

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Thursday 5th June 2008 | 01:45 PM


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Friday 6th June 2008 | 01:57 AM response to this comment by Joe Marco. One day what?

One day humans will be on mars to see that sight?


One day that sight may be seen from earth?


Great Article Mike, very erie indeed.

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Friday 6th June 2008 | 03:15 AM

Hey we should go on a camping trip in mars and make some frank and beans tell some scary stories play xbox 360 off in the space ship and get high off the martian air. Iether that get fricken drunk and imagin theres aliens out there and go star treck on there ass's!

Drug me up scotty!

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Friday 6th June 2008 | 12:03 PM

One day humans will colonise Mars, and find resources there and perhaps even some sort of fossil fuel, which will then start a planet war due to the Martian colonists wanting independence and free control over the planet's resources.

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Friday 6th June 2008 | 09:30 PM response to this comment by Gong. Thats if an asteroid doesn't hit first.

Hey now that I think about it, this picture looks like a sunset from the east side of LA on a bad day.

I guess Joe Marco didn't like my joke. I'm only half joking.

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Sunday 30th May 2010 | 05:09 AM

Its an amazing picture, can you imagine standing there witnessing that site.

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