West Aussie Science: It's OK to hook-up with your hot cousin!

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West Aussie Science: It's OK to hook-up with your hot cousin!

As a proud born and raised West Australian I'm not sure how I feel about this news: It's OK to hook-up with your hot cousin. I'll admit our West Aussie scientists have performed some actual research on the subject though.

Professor Alan Bittles at the Centre for Comparative Genomics at Murdoch University has spent 30 years researching the subject and reckons that most children born to first-cousins are healthy, which goes against Australian research published in 2001 that says babies born into 1st cousins are 3 times more likely to have birth defects.

"In Western culture there is a general belief that first cousin marriages lead to negative genetic outcomes, yet a large majority of children born to first cousins are healthy"

Well even if the Professor is right, I think hooking up with a cousin would be weird!


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Thursday 5th June 2008 | 09:05 AM

The funny thing is the amount of West Aussies who were married to their firsties!! 5000 I think it was??

I hooked up with a cousin once, great night out on the drink, plenty of disco and shots, met a lady, enjoyed her company, met her again a month later at an Italian festival and was introduced as cousin! Damn those frickin hot Italians!

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Nate >.>

Thursday 5th June 2008 | 09:33 AM

...in response to this comment by Jake. Oohh damn, how did that conversation go?

Yeah I agree Mikey, it would still be weird :-S

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Friday 6th June 2008 | 03:04 PM

how does it go again?!?

keep it in the family??


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