Bo Burnham: New Math

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Bo Burnham: New Math

I've been a big fan of Bo Burnham ever since his "My whole family thinks I'm gay" video, but he's been quiet these days, 9 months quiet to be exact. So his new tune, title "New Math" is an unexpected pleasant surprise.

I think he's a smart creative kid with a bright future ahead of him. Enjoy, "New Math".

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Kim OJ

Thursday 5th June 2008 | 05:56 PM

I enjoyed that very much too thank you, and I agree with your estimate.

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Thursday 5th June 2008 | 06:00 PM

That was great! He reminds me of Dimitri Martin on speed

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Thursday 5th June 2008 | 06:04 PM

LOL @ "The square route of the NBA is Africa in a box"

He's so cute!

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Thursday 5th June 2008 | 06:45 PM

That was classy! Totally excellent!

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Thursday 5th June 2008 | 07:52 PM

He's got a good future as a comic - I could imagine him doing well at things like fringe festivals and comedy festivals. Plus he's quite talented on the keyboard, as well (see the other video Mike referenced).

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Friday 6th June 2008 | 07:49 AM

Wow that was really good. I looked at his other videos and the kid has talent.

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