OLPC gets a cool re-design

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OLPC gets a cool re-design

The OLPC laptop (One Laptop Per Child) is getting a design overhaul, and based on these very nice concept designs, like me you're probably going to want one as well.

Yves Behar, the designer of the first model says:

With the XO (1.0), we pushed the boundaries of what a laptop could be by lowering the cost dramatically, being green (no heavy metals, lowest energy consumption ever), and a human-driven unique design approach.

Now, with XOXO (2.0), we are challenging what a truly collaborative and creative computing experience could be ... a true departure from the traditional keyboard and screen layout, a new way to interface and play with data, information and communication.

The new design (the XOXO) will not have a traditional keyboard and mouse, but instead will be operated via touch screen.

I don't know how they are going to keep this model under $100 but good luck to them. The plan is for a year 2010 launch.




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Tuesday 10th June 2008 | 10:54 AM

Well, it looks incredible and the sort of thing I would pay a bit to kit out my kids. Do you think that these were the laptops that Rudd was pimping as an election promise?

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Nate >.>

Tuesday 10th June 2008 | 11:55 AM

Wow that looks cool.

So it's not limited to only childeren getting then? Wouldn't mind one myself.

I wonder how good they would be for gaming?

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Tuesday 10th June 2008 | 01:00 PM

But will this be stuck with XP or will linux be an option>?

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Tuesday 10th June 2008 | 04:46 PM

...in response to this comment by Ben. I'd hope by 2010 Windows 7 will be the MS standard. Aside from that, I can't imagine it not running Linux as it would keep cost much lower. That said, I'd buy one if it had Ubuntu on it.

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Tuesday 10th June 2008 | 07:45 PM

Wicked looking lappies. Doubt they will be real in 2 years.

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