France set to ban pirates from the Internet

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France set to ban pirates from the Internet

A controversial new law in France just might be the ticket to beating movie and music pirates, or at least that's what they are saying. But 'they' always say things, don't they?

Starting in January 2009, the new 'three strikes and you're unjacked' law will mean offenders can be barred from the Internet for up to a year. Gah!

But of course you and I can see an obvious flaw with this idea. For one thing you could see a rise in the number of people tapping into their neighbours wireless connection to keep themselves 'safe'. And then we will see an innocent family banned for nothing more than being ignorant about wi-fi security.

And then there is the issue of proof. Are ISP's about to start logging everything you download and run a report each day to see who's being a naughty boy?

What I love about the war on piracy is the 'solutions' these genii dream up always entails making it difficult for legitimate users.


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Nate >.>

Friday 20th June 2008 | 08:47 AM

Oooh, does that tag work in PHP as well as HTML? :-p

Yeah, somehow I'm not sure whether this is the best solution, or if it will work at all.

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Friday 20th June 2008 | 12:25 PM

Isn't this whole movement akin to the old school churches trying to ban science and reserch, labeling it as heretic? Seriously, why are these companies trying to turn back time, why not figure out a way capitalise on something that will never really go away?

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