Time lapse of the day: Gecko consumed by ants

Mikey 7 comments
Time lapse of the day: Gecko consumed by ants

Even though watching this video makes me itchy, it's still awesome viewing.

Spread out over 20 hours but compressed for your viewing pleasure into one and a half minutes, its amazing to see how little the ants waste, coming back again and again to remaining parts in the hope of finding more.

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Thursday 19th June 2008 | 07:51 PM

Pretty damn cool. Is it just me, or did it look like they used one of the leg bones like a pry bar to separate the head??

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Gina Squitieri

Thursday 19th June 2008 | 10:21 PM

They have high hopes.

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Joe Marco

Friday 20th June 2008 | 02:39 PM

I love ants.

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Saturday 21st June 2008 | 08:56 PM

...in response to this comment by Joe Marco. At one time I was going to be an Entomologist by trade, but got sidetracked. Insects are fascinating to be sure, and I love most of them.

Here in Mexico you can buy these large (approx 3cm) live beetles with little fake gems on them and a chain so one can pin them to a blouse. They live forever (almost) without food or water and you cannot imagine how much fun they are at the parties and outings. I can remember what their called beyond "Escarabjo" Which just means Beetle is Spanish. Oh well.

It is beyond funny when your at your kids friend's birthday party, and the birthday child claims how fake it is, and to then have it reach out, or grasp.

Thats years of fun for only a few hundred pesos. Usually they get lost, and you find them years later in a boot or something. If your really lucky, it will still be alive.

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Friday 4th July 2008 | 07:16 AM

Damn, didn't get here before the google nazis removed the video, but I get the idea, cool post. Also, i realized that I have been putting in my web address wrong all this time, so here it is done correctly for the first time! haha

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Friday 4th July 2008 | 07:19 AM

My bad, I guess the vid still works if I try a couple of times. Google is still media nazi corporation number one in my book though, lol.

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Gina Squitieri

Friday 4th July 2008 | 08:40 AM

I got into watching the ants when they would infest my apartment. One day, I was watching them crawl along the side of my bathroom shower.... (ugh).

It was as if I was watching a steady stream of cars on a very narrow highway. They'd be coming from both directions straight toward each other. And one by one, they'd cross paths, but as they did they'd touch antennae, as if they were transmitting a signal to the effect of "No food anywhere in this pigsty!"

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