I've got Firefox. Now what?

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I've got Firefox. Now what?

Now you've got the best browser in the entire universe, what else can you do with it to improve your web experience? Here's a few suggestions.

Do you use Gmail?

I do, and before this Firefox plug-in became available, I hated Gmail. Better Gmail 2 skins Gmail and adds a bunch of extra cool things to make it more usable, and also hides the default frightfully ugly Google theme. Here's a small screen shot.

Gmail Better 2

Are there some sites you visit that still only work in Internet Explorer?

This is actually not Firefox's fault, but rather the result of lazy web developers who still don't conform to web standards and think that catering for 54% of the world's audience is enough. I prefer to punish the web developer by simply taking my business elsewhere, but if you still want to run that Internet-Explorer-Only site in Firefox, grab the IE-tab plug-in.

This will let you open a new tab which actually uses the Internet Explorer engine to render the page. And you can set IE-Tab automatically open when you hit those web sites in future.

Don't like adverts?

I don't. Addbluck Plus simply hides all adverts on any web page. Adverts often slow down the loading of the page as well, so disabling them will not only make pages load faster, but also save your bandwidth.

Do you have a few email accounts?

Why not let Firefox check them for you. Webmail Notifier will save you having to go and manually check to see if you have email.

Want more?

Browse all the Firefox add-ons and see what suits you.

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The Movie Whore

Saturday 21st June 2008 | 10:00 AM

That is some sweet stuff.

I use Thunderbird for my several email accounts and I love it.

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Gina Squitieri

Saturday 21st June 2008 | 01:10 PM

Will it cook my dinner, too?

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Gina Squitieri

Saturday 21st June 2008 | 01:16 PM

Michael, I couldn't get the G-mail. An "unexpected error" occurred. Are you gonna make me go back and read all the "how-to's." I really don't want to, and I get the feeling you have the smarts to help me out.

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Gina Squitieri

Saturday 21st June 2008 | 01:34 PM

Never mind. I'm a dork.

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Kim OJ

Saturday 21st June 2008 | 02:02 PM

Uh... that really does pimp out Gmail - Sweet!

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Gina Squitieri

Saturday 21st June 2008 | 02:51 PM

I can't do it. I'm totally buggin' man! And ginaTRAPani's no help w/ her "greasemonkey" suggestion.

Michael? Earth to Michael. Come in, Michael.

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Saturday 21st June 2008 | 03:42 PM

...in response to this comment by Gina Squitieri. Hey sorry just got in.

Hi Gina. What's the problem exactly? Can you describe it?

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Gina Squitieri

Saturday 21st June 2008 | 09:40 PM

Well, I got the gmail account and went to download the cool skin but then I got an error

firefox could not install the file at


because: Unexpected installing error
Review the Error Console log for more details.

[Is it because it's not compatable w/ Firefox 3?]

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Sunday 22nd June 2008 | 07:39 AM

...in response to this comment by Gina Squitieri. When installing add-on from the Mozilla site, if the add-on is incompatible with your version of Firefox the 'Add to Firefox' button for it will be grey out and unable to be clicked on.

Try this...

Go to TOOLS -> ADD-ONS and hit the EXTENSIONS button. If you see Better Gmail 2 in there, click on it and hit UNINSTALL. Restart Firefox (all Firefox windows).

Then go here and install it again (I checked and this version is newer)


Let me know how it goes.

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Gina Squitieri

Sunday 22nd June 2008 | 09:06 AM

Cool! Thanks, Michael. I'll do that and let ya know what's the haps! :D

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Gina Squitieri

Monday 23rd June 2008 | 04:49 AM

It didn't work. :'( No big. Thanks anyway, Michael!

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freddy -

Monday 6th October 2008 | 08:40 AM

...in response to this comment by Gina Squitieri. new at this as in very new could use a lil help ........freddy put my name on buddie list ....please when you see it please i m me (sonnyabronxtale). iam new lil pleaseeeeeee if you like?

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