Green and Mundine to have at it again

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Green and Mundine to have at it again

The only thing that was more disappointing than Danny Green's loss to Anthony Mundine in Australia's biggest boxing event ever last December was his retirement in March. Some say the loss affected the gentle giant more than he let on, but it doesn't matter now because it looks like the something wonderful is going to happen.

Danny Green has announced he intends to come out of retirement to fight Mundine again for a possible January or February bout in 2009. I nearly chocked on my lunch when I read the news.

Both boxers are equally hard as nails, but my only reservation with Mundine is he's a sure-of-himself loud-mouth, compared to Green who composes himself with reserved modesty. I will be backing Green again and as the fight is going to be held in Perth, I might make the effort to see it this time.

I can't wait.

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Monday 23rd June 2008 | 05:30 PM

Mundine is one of the most incredible fighters in the world today. He is another Cassius Clay. Not just because he is an incredible boxer, which he is, but he plays the game and throws very eloquent punches well before he steps in the ring.

We have a few really incredible boxers in Australia, but it is the kickboxing, muay thai, that we really excel at!

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Steve D

Monday 23rd June 2008 | 06:55 PM

Anthony Mundine can do anythng in the ring. Hes simply a gifted fighter. Im hearing he will fight Sturm in October in Germany, he will win that easily. That makes him a 2 division, 3 time world champion. And then him vs Green at LHW, winner, which will be Mundine gets mandatory status to the LHW WBA title holder.

Mundine = On The Verge of greatness.

I use to hate the man, but don't take anything he says seriously. Judge him on his performances in the ring, hes easily the greatest Australian fighter i have seen. And i think he could beat Calzaghe, Pavlik and the rest.

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Tuesday 24th June 2008 | 01:37 PM

this should be a great fight.. i think the main reason why green lost his first stoush with mundine is due to the fact he had to drop a great deal of weight to be at mundine's weight division.. lets see how mundine goes when he has to chunk up a bit to enter green's weight division
while i do take my hat off to mundine, he is a great fighter.. he just needs to shut his trap, and try have a little bit of dignity, something which he severely lacks.. im with mikey.. green all the way.. or i may have to 'chock my lunch' lol

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Gina Squitieri

Tuesday 24th June 2008 | 01:56 PM

Mundine? You mean, this arrogant bastard? (I kid.)

My uncle boxed in New Jersey. I think it's an awful sport.

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Tuesday 24th June 2008 | 01:57 PM

i think mundine will do it again, or it will be a draw.

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Gina Squitieri

Tuesday 24th June 2008 | 02:11 PM


I don't know this man, but I like him already. He's witty. I like his personality. And, Michael, he's wearing green.

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