Bill Gates retires...sort of

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Bill Gates retires...sort of

The day has finally come for one of the worlds richest men. Bill Gates at the age of 52, has stepped down from Microsoft. He's tucked away a few dollars along his journey as well so he should do OK for himself.

But Gates will retain the title of chairman and only contribute one day per week to Microsoft leaving him to take on new challenges outside of the software business.

This means many thing for different people. For one thing you can still curse 'Bloody Bill Gates!" the next time Windows deletes that report you were working on. But even if Gates steps aside 100% it will be many years before his name is erased from popular culture in the computing arena.

Honestly I can't ever see Bill Gates ever leaving Microsoft for good. His name is so synonymous with the Microsoft brand that the natural laws of the universe simply wouldn't let it happen.

Good luck, Mr Gates.

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Wednesday 25th June 2008 | 06:08 AM

What a beautiful age to retire though.

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Wednesday 25th June 2008 | 05:53 PM

imagine just working one day a week.....

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