Google scraps Adsense referrals program

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Google scraps Adsense referrals program

Although we dropped advertising from Rusty Lime way back, this news is still interesting. I just got an email from Google saying that the Adsense referral program is being discontinued, although no explanation as to why was given

"Thank you for participating in the AdSense Referrals programme. We will be retiring the AdSense Referrals programme during the last week of August. After that time, AdSense Referrals code will no longer display ads."

When we did have Adsense here the referrals were actually the ones that we had the most success with. These were the dedicated buttons pimping products like Firefox and Picasa. I'm sure Mozilla would have something to say about this as it could easily effect their own revenue stream.

More on this topic at .

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Tuesday 1st July 2008 | 05:09 PM

I got the same email myself but I must admit I just binned it without even opening it, as I get so many fake "google adsense" emails, asking for my password, that I just assumed it was another scam attempt.

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Web White Noise

Wednesday 2nd July 2008 | 12:28 PM

Yes I got one of these. The same notice is on the Adsense blog. (

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