2 Boy's not invited to party had rights violated says school

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2 Boy's not invited to party had rights violated says school

Thanks to Peter for sending this unbelievable story my way.

A school in Sweden says an 8 year old boy who invited his entire class to his birthday party except for 2 particular boys has violated their rights. Just repeating that part: the 2 boys who were not invited to the birthday party have apparently had their rights violated.

A school representative says that if invitations were handed out on school premises then there must be no discrimination - tough luck if you aren't friends with or don't like some of those people.

The teacher upset the students by confiscating all the invitations when it was apparent that 2 of the boys did not receive one.

What's the world coming too when an 8 year old can't invite whomever he wants to his own birthday party without school interference?

It's frickin craziness if you ask me.


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Wednesday 2nd July 2008 | 04:25 PM

Insane. What if those 2 boys were bullies, who regularly beat up the birthday boy? Now the school is forcing him to invite them over?

If I was his parents I'd fight back and say the school is violating my rights to choose who comes into my house.

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The Movie Whore

Wednesday 2nd July 2008 | 04:39 PM


That is one of the dumber things I have heard this week. I am sure it will be topped.

I can't imagine that happening in my stepdaughters class.

Though at some level I can understand wanting to save the 2 kids from the humiliation factor. However I would not call it a violation of rights. No one has the right to be invited anywhere.

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Thursday 3rd July 2008 | 09:39 AM

Easily fixed, just hand the invites out to the people you want before they come through the front gate of the school. Maybe the boy handing out the invite is the Bully not the two who didn't receive the invite???????????????

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Monday 7th July 2008 | 12:09 PM

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