Firefox Mobile: Closer than you thought

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Firefox Mobile: Closer than you thought

So now that Firefox is easily a very mature application, what are Mozilla doing about the mobile market? Last year we posted a quickie when they announced plans to enter the mobile browser market, and at the time it was noted that we could be seeing a mobile version of Firefox 'as early as next year'.

That brings us to the current year, and although we still 'aint using the worlds best browser on our phones, Aza Raskin, Head of UX for Mozilla Labs has put together a concept video demonstrating some amazingly cool interaction with Firefox mobile. It should be noted though that this some things seen in this video may not make it to the final release.

But don't let that take away any of the potential excitement.

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Saturday 5th July 2008 | 05:50 PM

Looks sweet.

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Wednesday 30th July 2008 | 10:44 AM

That impressive.

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