Effie T Brown, Producers are fun

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Effie T Brown, Producers are fun

People think they know what goes on behind the scenes and how movies are made but for the real truth I went to Producer Effie T Brown whose latest work is Rocket Science. Matt Lessall a casting director gave me the hook up with Effie whom I found to quite personable and a lot of fun to talk to. So what did we talk about?

TMW: Effie, thanks again for taking the time for this interview. Not everyone knows what it is a producer does. Could you enlighten us?

EB: First I think your title is hilarious. The Movie Whore. A life wasted on, I mean devoted to film. I thought to myself "He gets me."

From beginning to end I am there with the film. From finding a director, casting director, shooting the film, bringing it back to the financiers, everything from beginning to end is my job.
It's like berthing it. But it is spread out over a year or 2 so it does not seem like a lot. I am there working with the director to execute their vision and make the movie.

TMW: To translate that to the corporate world You would be the Project manager for each project. Finding the resources needed and finding the people to fill the key positions needed to complete the project. While managing everything from beginning to end.

EB: I am also fiscally and creatively responsible for the film.

TMW: I get it. So what is your favorite genre to work with?

EB: You know there is a genre I want to work with and I have a feeling it will be my favorite, Scifi. I want to do a genre film. I want to do something that is Horror, Scifi or Action and if am really good I want to do all 3 in one movie.

I do a lot of character pieces that win awards and it is rewarding. They are great films and I would want to take anything from those films. I just want to mix up and get into the other genres as well. Especially Scifi. I am definitely going to rock that.

Basically I have a slate of films right now. I am doing a film fund and raising the money for that fund. I have comedies and I do drama so I know I can do those but I get out of my seat for a good Sicfi movie. I am that geek.

TMW: You are in good company I am that geek as well down to the giant Army of Darkness poster hanging in the living room. But we are not here to talk about me so out of the projects you have worked on which one has been your favorite so far?

EF: That's really hard to say. When I look back fondly I would say But I'm a Cheerleader but I was a line producer on that. I have to credit Andrea Sperling as the "Producer" producer but that was my favorite film. We had so much fun making that movie. We had the most drama as a far as sets blowing down and messes, big messes. I love it though. I still look back fondly at the time spent on that film.

I am looking forward to the film I am about to shoot. Polish Bar. This is a film that deals with Black, Jewish and Polish relations in Chicago. I love it. It's not politically correct and it's fucking great. We have prepping this for a long time and it is bad ass with a lot of heart. It has been an absolute pleasure to keep working on and I am in it now. My other directors are going to hate me.

TMW: Sounds like that is going to be a challenge. You will have let me know when that is done. I would pay my money for that.

EF: It is that movie. You are like Uh huh.

TMW: With this coming up where do you find these new projects?

EF: They come to me I am pretty accessible. I do a lot and I am pretty active with Film Independent. I jury a lot of film festivals and I can pretty much talk to a rock.

I have a true love for the fucked up little diddy. Like Rocket Science, there is something about that oddball character that we all truly are, you know what I mean. I have never been interested in the cool kid movies because I have never been one. I have always been the underdog or the freak and I love it. I wouldn't want to be anything different, you know.

TMW: I do. Those are movies I love.

We have also established that you are a Scifi geek which also moves you in the category of a movie whore. With that in mind what are some of the movies you should be ashamed to say you love but love anyway.

EF: I will say it and say it proudly. I love Charlton Heston, I love him and I have I loved him sine the first movie I saw him in that changed my life and that was The Omega Man. Him and Rosalind Cash. What is this interracial last man on earth and I love this movie and I don't care what anyone says. On a social relevance level both of them were so proud of being completely different racially and they came together to save the world.

I also love The Warriors

TMW: I love that one too and I am pissed that they are doing a remake.

EF: NO! No they are not you are lying to me. They can't make the movie again. I don't what to say about that.

TMW: I know how you feel it was quite painful for me but then again mine is a life full of cinematic pain.

EF: Those are my dirty little secrets but as for movies that changed my world would be like Alien but that is totally acceptable and it was the first real woman action hero. Omega Man, Soylent Green, Deathrace 2000, these are the flicks I have to defend my self on.

TMW: Those are great flicks too. I could talk movies with you you all day but I know you are a very busy woman so here is the last question.

Since this is an interview with The Movie Whore, is there anyone would whore out to me for a future interview?

EF: Ben Berkowitz is the Director of Polish Bar that I am working with. He is a hoot and a holler.

TMW: Thank you very much and you have a great a day.

EF: You too. Bye.

This was a great phone conversation that I had with Effie and she truly is a pleasure to talk to. There are things that got left out of this that I will always remember but did want to share. I am a selfish whore too at times. I encourage you to check out Rocket Science and Effie's other projects which can be found here.

Have a great weekend kids.

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