End of days

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End of days

Perhaps this is a sign of things to come. Perhaps it will be a passing phase. If there is any justice, the latter will apply. Software author Lightning UK has been served with an order to cease development of their landmark software, DVD Decrypter.

In addition to the order, Lighting UK must also hand over the web site domain and the original software source code.

For the uninformed, DVD Decrypter is Lighting UK's free application designed specifically for the purpose of decrypting the protection on retail DVD movies, allowing owners of legitimately purchased movies to make backup copies with ease.

For parents with children who get more entertainment out of biting, scratching and chewing the new Wiggles DVD rather than watching it, having a disposable copy means they do not have to go out and buy the movie again.

Although the company serving the order is unknown at this stage, there is speculation that Sony is responsible, as it is rumoured Lightning UK cracked their new protection algorithm within 72 hours of its release.

In a message posted on the CD-Freak web site, Lightning UK have opted not to put up a legal battle as the cost associated would simply destroy them, noting that "If 321 Studios can't do it with millions, what chance do I have with $50?"

It appears the muscle of a well financed large corporation can easily get their way with nothing more than the threat of potential financial disaster to a smaller business, even is said smaller business has done nothing wrong. Who wouldn't be scared?

And by all accounts Lightning UK has done nothing wrong. The problem lies with the company X serving an order to the manufacturer as a means of combating the piracy problem. This is not a real world solution.

With this logic in mind, can Smith and Wesson be held accountable when someone is killed by a bullet that came from one of their guns?

Can you hold a crowbar manufacturer responsible when a burglar uses their product to lever open a window in your home to rob you?

Why is Iraq not suing Lockheed Martin for the thousands of innocent lives destroyed by their products?

Can a car manufacturer be blamed when someone is killed in a hit and run?

Could I conceivably blame my ISP if someone hacks my computer?

Can the RIAA hold P2P software accountable when Jonny Metalica Fan downloads the 'Sanitarium' Mp3? Apparently not. This has already been proven in court when a Federal Judge ruled both Streamcast and Grockster were not liable for copyright infringements that took place using their software.

How is DVD Decrypter any different? It isn't. We just happen to be living in a time where money is given precedence over morals and logic.
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Matt K

Tuesday 7th June 2005 | 10:38 PM

Mike, it's a sad world we live in, and it's a sad people that have the power. You look at the billionaires, and think about what they're doing in one day with more than we earn in a year. It's not fair, but I ask this - if YOU had the $50Billion, where would you be spending it? World peace? Yeah, right. I'd buy a big car, a big house, a big company and make buck, baby. BUCKS.

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Wednesday 8th June 2005 | 12:10 AM

...and in doing so Matt, you would be contributing to the machine that you take so much pleasure in tearing apart at every possible opportunity, and would therefore become a part of the problem and not the solution. It is exactly this way of thinking that got us here in the first place. Lets not be hypocrites. I love ya buddy, but get that big foot out of your mouth will ya???

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Matt K

Wednesday 8th June 2005 | 12:20 AM

Everybody that knows me, knows I have a size 22 mouth - big enough for 2 size 10's, and a bit to spare. I just hope that I don't get bigger feet some day! The system was built to be torn down, Jez, so that we may build it back up in our own image. Tell me that's not what Trump is doing... Go on, TELL ME..

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Wednesday 8th June 2005 | 11:05 PM

when i seen the heading "end of days" i thought you were talking bout an arnold schwarzenegger movie.silly me. but hey this does sound serious, so should we all download a copy just in case. yep the rich get richer and the little guys just struggle. yep money can fix anything!!

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Wednesday 8th June 2005 | 11:28 PM

I wouldn't suggest downloading it. Company 'X' probably already has the domain and site under their control. And if anyone already uses the software, a lot of Slashdotters are suggesting disabling the 'auto check for updates' feature.

For one thing there won't be anymore updates, and more importantly because Company 'X' will probably be monitoring and logging the IP addresses of the people sho still use it.

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the ghost

Saturday 11th June 2005 | 02:21 PM

Yeah jezz. I agree with you mate. he would be just another hyppocrite if mat was to do the very thing he dislikes so much. regards to first message up top. I wonder what it sayd about your understanding of yourself mat if your condeming others for what they do then go and do it yourself. Do you like yourself very much? No offence. Just being straight forward here. I like this site I must say.

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