Exploiting Telstra with BigPond maths

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Exploiting Telstra with BigPond maths

Anyone who has been at the receiving end of Bigponds' often convoluted or shady sales practices will get a laugh (or not) from this loophole over at APCMag. Here's a snippet:

"Person X is connected to Bigpond Wireless Broadband Mobile on the $114.95 3GB plan. They are 12 months into their contract of a 24 month contract (previously offered before Telstra started demanding three year contracts). To cancel their service, they would pay $180.00 contract break fee (half of the $360 maximum fee).

They signup for a new account with a new device at a cost of $299.00, have the $299.00 rebated, making the device free."

I think you can see where this is leading. It's a good read and as the author says: "Obviously, this exploits a loophole in Telstra's billing procedures - but it's not illegal or breaking any rules. It's just playing the game against Telstra as hard as they play it against customers."

Thanks to Justin at The Computer Whisperer for sending this our way.

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