Mozilla receives official certificate from Guinness

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Mozilla receives official certificate from Guinness

The lads at Mozilla have been given the official certificate from Guinness for the recent download record, the "largest number of software downloads in 24 hours".

This is significant in many ways, but mostly because it's a collective middle finger at Microsoft. People love Firefox. In a few short years it has risen from obscurity into the worlds best browser, something that IMHO Microsoft will never, ever, never (x infinity) be able to achieve with Internet Exploiter.

That personal note aside, congratulations to the Mozilla team for all the fine work.


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Nate >.>

Friday 11th July 2008 | 08:18 PM

I think this is great, good on Mozilla!

It just shows how many people appreciate them for simply making a product that is better and sharing it.

Hats off to them :-)

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