Star Wars Kid 2.0?

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Star Wars Kid 2.0?

Poor bastard. Just to refresh your memory, the kid who featured in the classic '' video actually went through a myriad of psychological problems and suffered bullying and taunting from his peers and strangers, for years.

Watching the video below I can't help but wonder what's in store for the kid, shown in full home-made Halo regalia, including weapons and commentary.

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Saturday 12th July 2008 | 07:21 PM

Well he can either embrace his new found infamy or he can become a messed up recluse, like SW kid 1.0...

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Sunday 13th July 2008 | 11:57 AM

Despite his his blatant nerdery, this is pretty creative.

I buy model kits to make with my eldest and would love to have a kid who is willing to make the damn things all by themselves.

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Sunday 13th July 2008 | 08:19 PM

Very sad, but it must have taken a little while to put some of that together so points there. I like how he's taken the time to learn the moves made with the weapons by the character in the game ie. the different forms of reloading and the way the weapons are held during play. Also I think he was doing the infamous "tea bagging" move done by players online for a bit there too. I don't think its quite as bad as the star wars kid, but I can't see it winning him a lot of friends either.

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