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Far from realityThe standard accepted dictionary definition of 'reality' is "The quality or state of being actual or true". For something, or someone for that matter to be true, there must be no conception of hindrance or diversion from one's natural self being. However, in the Big Brother house which is promoted as reality television, the participants are forced to conform to a certain set of rules. There are certain topics they are not allowed to discuss, such as previous evictions, and they are not allowed to take certain personal items into the house with them such as music devices, food items or magazines.

And the very fact they are all aware every move they make is being broadcast on television will force them to act in an unnatural way. As there is a lot at stake, they try to be on their best behaviour or in some cases, deliberately worse. It's a fact. Everyone acts different when they are aware they are being observed.

How can it possibly be reality television when the house mates are forced to conform to a certain set of rules and act in an un-natural fashion?

Whether or not they do conduct any insightful conversations is anyone's guess (and I seriously doubt it), but every evening the public is only exposed to less than 30 minutes of compiled footage of the previous days events. No-one in real life would tolerate the level of sub-intellectual conversation that is spewed out from their collective gobs. But because they all have to share resources and accommodation, toleration is a luxury not always afforded.

Thirty minutes is carefully compiled by the editors for the evening show to maintain the interest of BB's average 15 years old audience.

Proof of this target demographic is evident when you hear Gretel ask evictees such insightful questions as "Who was your least favourite person in the house?" A truly mind boggling insight into the mind of a person who has been a virtual prisoner for several weeks. But then, no better than Sandra Sully's attempt to interview Douglas Wood a few weeks ago.

In all fairness, Gretel is an intelligent woman and probably as sick of the BB phenomena as the rest of us. An educated guess would speculate she is also tired of asking the same brain dead questions each week.

I propose a new concept for a reality TV show. Picture a houseful of intellects and allowed them total freedom to discuss what they wanted, that might make for entertaining viewing.

This can be likened to a relatively unknown television show from many years ago called 'Hypothetical'. In this 1 hour show, gifted extrovert lawyer Geoffrey Robertson would assemble a roomful of intelligent high profile celebrities, and pose a hypothetical situation upon them, forcing a lot of them to contradict their very existence, belief or faith.

It was truly a feast for the mind, to see for example, a priest suddenly say he would break the rules that bind his faith if it meant saving the life of his own son - but not for anyone else.

Although the responses were real, all the situations were hypothetical yet still a lot more interesting than any 'reality' television show ever since.

In any event, in this author's opinion BB is and always has been boring unintelligent drivel that barely passes as bottom end entertainment and is only surpassed by the announcers' lacklustre attempt at Freudian analysis.

I yawn in thou general direction, Big Brother.
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Wednesday 13th July 2005 | 12:23 AM

please no more reality shows enough is enough. as for bb when on a good thing flog it to death as they do. it was interesting to hear that this show has raised a few eyebrows in parliament. maybe this is where the polies get their inspiration from. but it was also sad to hear that kids as young as 5 are watching this show. kids of that age should be in bed way before bb comes on or so i thought. there is no innocence in kids these days, they grow up way before their time.

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the ghost

Saturday 16th July 2005 | 08:09 PM

Yes hypothetical was a great show and really did stretch the intelect. We do need more shows like this. Shows that stretch ourselves our own beleifs. I would like to know why that show was pulled off the air. Perhaps too senitive for our times. I mean that episode with the priest...I saw it. I can't imagine the pope would have been too happy. lol

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