Admitted child rapist set free

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Admitted child rapist set free

I would like to hereby state that this has now become an actual phenomena, and a problematic one at that.

We've read about injustices and out-of-touch Judges in the past plenty here on Rusty Lime, and I would like to add another to the list.

A mother has been told to stay away from her local shopping mall while the rapist who attacked her 5 year old daughter can go and do his shopping.

James Bryson has been released from prison on Thursday after pleading guilty to 'lesser' horrifying attacks on the girl between January and June of 2004, and after serving a pitiful 40 months for his crime. Said the mother of the girl:

"And I was told his conditions allowed him to use the local shops at weekends so I was advised not to go there or I risked meeting him. It's a horrific situation for us and makes me feel sick. The social worker who came to my house said it was to do with his human rights. I couldn't believe what I was hearing."

I think I speak for everyone when I say the following. Firstly, may the collective genitalia of every dickhead who had anything to do with releasing this scum after only 40 months - shrivel up and fall off. Secondly, with Bryson now free to rape more children, I don't think anyone would flutter an eyelid if just one generous individual took care of this situation with a bit of 'community service'.

I have said this frequently on this site and I will repeat it for the benefit of our new readers. The moment scums like Bryson decide to rape an innocent child, they immediately forfeit their own human rights and any chance of fairness or equality, and of life.

Any bleeding hearts who think Bryson still has rights (after admitting to this sickening crime) and should be allowed to go about his usual business can go and explain it to the victim and her mother, and his next victim and her mother.

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Monday 21st July 2008 | 08:48 PM

That's a rant! But it's a good rant. Interesting point about giving up your rights as soon as you commit such a crime. I reckon if it were written into the constitution it might be a deterrent. Or maybe not. Some people are just too sick to deter.

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China Blue

Monday 21st July 2008 | 08:59 PM

Agreed... human rights apply only to those who abide by the law. And as for the mother being told to stay away from the shopping centre, personally I'd set up camp - and bring a rifle.

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Tuesday 22nd July 2008 | 06:59 AM response to this comment by China Blue. In a perfect world, this is true, but sadly all humans are given these so called human rights. As we see here in this case, even those who circumvent another's most basic human rights has human rights.

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The Movie Whore

Tuesday 22nd July 2008 | 07:57 AM

1 rope + 1 good size tree + any child molester = A damn good idea that needs to be executed. Pun intended.

1 boot + 1 dip shit judge bent over = Breaking my foot off in his ass for being such a dumb ass.

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Tuesday 22nd July 2008 | 08:09 AM

There is no known cure for pedophiles short of death. Child molestaion should be lifetime incarceration or the death penalty. I can't understand how he is allowed to walk around the mall, and the mom and child are warned not to. What kind of a sick society do we live in?

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Tuesday 22nd July 2008 | 12:42 PM


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Cynical Bastard

Tuesday 22nd July 2008 | 05:20 PM

Lock him up permanently and make him work so society get something back in return for his upkeep. If he refuses to work put him in a room with no human contact and nothing in the cell till he wants to work. If he wants to go on a hunger strike then let him till he dies as no one will care. There is no cure for this abhorrent act and no way of rehabilitating them - most of them don`t even want to be rehabilitated.
I always have a laugh (cynically of course) when they blame there upbringing or some other bullshit for the vile acts that they do and I often wonder how their solicitors go to sleep at night when knowing what their clients have done.
While there is absolutely NO excuse for this I honestly don`t believe in the death penalty but I can fully understand people wanting the death penalty as I was molested as a child and I remember my mother wanting to kill the bastard whereas I just wanted it all to go away.
Judges have a lot to answer for also and I really believe a vast majority are out of touch with the real world and what society want. Bet it`s a different case when a child relative of a judge gets molested or raped!
This is a sad pathetic situation that just shouldn`t happen in 2008!

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Wednesday 23rd July 2008 | 08:24 PM

Hang the bastard.

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