Convicted spammer dies in family murder suicide

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Convicted spammer dies in family murder suicide

Anyone who has wasted precious minutes sorting ligit email from spam has at some stage chanted the words 'death to all spammers'. But not like this.

Convicted spammer Edward Davidson, his wife and his daughter have been found dead in what appears to be a murder suicide. In addition to the three bodies, a teenage girl was found shot in the neck, and an unharmed baby in a car seat. The girl is in hospital with serious injuries although it looks as if she will pull through. Said Attorney Troy Eid:

"What a nightmare, and such a coward. Davidson imposed the 'death penalty' on family members for his own crime."

Davidson's wife had helped him escape prison. He had be sentenced to 21 months and ordered to pay $714,139 to the IRS for falsifying email header information to send spam e-mail, tax evasion and criminal forfeiture.


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Dan L.

Sunday 27th July 2008 | 07:50 PM

Cowardice bastard.

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