The dim witted leader that could

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The dim witted leader that could

I am thankful for a lot of things. Living in this wonderful country with an easy going life style and not much to really complain about, I must say everything is fine and dandy on the old homestead.

One particular person has made me appreciate this great land of ours in a way I never thought possible. I thank you, George W. Bush.

When I first read the news reports and viewed the footage of the New Orleans disaster I was mortified to say the least. Images of mothers holding screaming babies unable to provide the very basics to sustain them, and young children days without food, it is mind boggling that the world super power could not even take care of their own.

But then, this is the Bush administration we are talking about. The very same administration that cut funding for repairs to the levees that broke and consequently sank New Orleans . The same administration that made a horse show organiser the head of FEMA. And the very same administration that put a guy with little experience in national security in charge of Homeland Security.

If Bush had put qualified people in charge - not his friends - they probably would have done their jobs properly.

As we all know now, it was a full four days before the first signs of troops and aid arrived, as Bush Jr. was busy eating cake, playing guitar at a country music gig and doing television interviews.

Four days is a long time. A lot longer than the 7 minutes it took him to react to the news of New York being under attack on this very day 4 years ago. During those 4 days, celebrities and thousands of volunteers put their own relief effort into motion.

So how is it that an administration with emergency contingency plans and billions of dollars in resources is last to assist in one of the largest disasters in the country's history? We all know the answer to that.

So can the Bush administration survive another term? Not likely. The people who voted him back into the White House last election must be regretting their decision now.

A non academic of below average intelligence who puts his unqualified friends in positions of great power, has now proven beyond a doubt to be a lethal combination.

The American people are smarter now and they can see just how bad their leader is. Bush will need nothing short of a miracle handed to him to survive another term.

Luckily for America, real miracles can not be bought.

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Monday 12th September 2005 | 06:59 PM

dim-witted: lacking mental capacity and devoid of subtlety half-witted: mentally deficient simpleton: a person lacking intelligence or common sense (and the plural would be simpletons as in the whole bush administation lacking intellligence etc) yeah i guess that would sum up G.W. BUSH and his chums

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Thursday 15th September 2005 | 08:38 PM

You will love this:">GW's media programmer. It's an instant classic. Right click and 'save link as' to download.

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Just Wandering

Thursday 29th September 2005 | 06:35 PM

George who? We got our own loonies right here in Australia,Old Bob Hawk raises his tired old ugly head and starts sprouting an international nuclear dumping ground, Here.These wise men from the east have put there hand up and said on behalf of all Australians "we'll take it".Something tells me that this has already been agreed on and the wheels are already turning they just have to get us lemmings to accept it.And where do you suppose these Eastern state PARASITES will want it dumped .In west australias Kimberly.Leave the good old US and George alone,no one here can do anything but winge

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Saturday 1st October 2005 | 02:07 PM

"Leave the good old US and George alone,no one here can do anything but winge"

True, but the combined whinging is what make people notice. And besides, whinging about GW is far more interesting than whinging about our own politicians. The man is without a doubt the biggest bumbling fool in living memory.

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Tuesday 11th October 2005 | 02:51 PM

Well it will take a miracle because he can't be voted in a third time...

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Saturday 7th July 2007 | 11:32 PM

A few decades ago, a man from backwoods New Hampshire ran for local office without doing any campaigning whatsoever. No promises, no speeches, no political signs planted in yards. Yet he was elected. Why? Simply because his name on the ballot seemed familiar to voters -- John Adams (no relation).

Which begs the question: would the current president have been elected on his own qualifications alone if he hadn't shared the name of his famous father, which to some voters undoubtedly also seemed familiar? And if not, wouldn't that explain an awful lot about both the administration and its supporters?

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