Get the Rusty Lime Vista Gadget

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Get the Rusty Lime Vista Gadget

Just for fun (yes I find coding fun) I spent some time learning more about Vista Gadgets and decided to have a go at making one for Rusty Lime.

Some of you may recall I made a Vista Gadget for local Perth radio station RTRfm a little while ago. Anyway, the Rusty Lime gadget doesn't stream radio of course, but what it does do is it pulls the latest 10 articles from this site and shows them in your side bar, or on your desktop - what ever blows your hair back.

To install, just double click and it should appear in your sidebar immediately. Once there, you can drag it onto your desktop if you want to see the bigger view.

Remember you will need to be running Microsoft Windows Vista (any flavour) to use gadgets.

Download it now.


Consider it a beta although I can't find any bugs at this stage.


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Monday 28th July 2008 | 10:27 PM

sounds cool , even cooler making comment from phone

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