NYPD Cop outright lies in report: Video proof

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NYPD Cop outright lies in report: Video proof

I watched this video yesterday and I wasn't convinced the cop had done anything wrong except maybe tackle the guy a little too hard.

To just about everyone on the Internet who viewed the video, the cop singled out the guy on the bike and shoved him to the ground unprovoked.

My assessment allowed for a different possibility. Watching the 2 cops, they both appear to spot the guy on the bike and together start walking in the direction he is cycling. To me this indicated that the cyclist might have done something to get the cops' attention that we don't see off-camera, like hit someone or damage a parked car as he rode passed, which ended with the tackle. Just to reiterate, I do think the tackle was a bit too hard though.

Watch the video and then read on.

Well, I was trying to give Officer Patrick Pogan the benefit of the doubt, and it turns out I was way off, as it has been revealed today the police officer lied in his report about what happened.

Here's Officer Pogan's interpretation of what happened.

Pogan says the cyclist, now identified as Christopher Long, rode his bike directly into him, which knocked him to the ground causing lacerations to his forearm. He then said that Long resisted arrest.

Obviously Pogan didn't know he was being filmed, and furthermore didn't care that there were tens of witnesses who could testify as to what really happened.

My assessment now is that Officer Pogan has no place in the Police Force, and should be stripped of his badge for unprovoked police brutality and for manufacturing lies in his report.

You can read Pogan's report over at The Smoking Gun.

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Thursday 31st July 2008 | 08:57 AM

Dumb fucker cop. What pisses me off too is if we didn't have this video the dickhead cop would have gotten away with it and the cyclist charged with assaulting an officer at the least.

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Thursday 31st July 2008 | 09:01 AM

The best part of that report is the line at the end that says 'False statements made herein are punishable as a class A misdemeanor'

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Thursday 31st July 2008 | 09:03 AM

Youtube: Busting corrupt cops since 2005!

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Thursday 31st July 2008 | 09:09 AM

These guys have posted his home address, phone number and google street views of his house, and other dirty information about him. http://animalnewyork.com/news/2008/07/parsing-patrick-pogans-anger.php

Do your worst.

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Thursday 31st July 2008 | 09:13 AM

There are thousands of cops just like Pogan - this one got caught. I make it a habit to pull out my cellular phone and start filing every time I see cops. That's because I don't trust the bastards.

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Thursday 31st July 2008 | 04:13 PM

pfft cops give me the shits...
we had a run amok night at our school in yr 12... the usual dunny roll in trees, vegemite on the handrolls and other shenanigans came into play.. pretty harmless mundane shit.
unfortunately some others came in and smashed the school up pretty bad.. including the brand new pool that was put in that year..
well.. we were admiring our handy work, when the shout of "cops" came out.. we all scattered (for the third time lol). two of my girl friends, one guy and i were the unlucky ones caught.. cuffed etc.. i had the baton pushed into my back on a number of times... we never resisted arrest and all sat there pooing our pants.. the guy was taken around the corner and had the snot beaten out of him..
fast foward to the high school reunion... i run into the guy who was beaten by the cops.. i asked him what came out of it.. he went to gaol.. the fucking bastard cops reckoned he assaulted them... he spent 2 years of his life in gaol for something he never did.. i couldnt believe it. shows you the low lives that are there who are supposed to be protecting us, instead beating on a child and making him pay for it.

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Friday 1st August 2008 | 10:43 AM

I don't condone the action of this or other Police who break the law and in fact I think they should be immediately dismissed but:-
It is a stressful job!
Imagine going to work everyday putting your life on the line and not knowing that you will return that day or if ever.
Having to work with the low life of society (most of the time).
Not getting thanks from anyone for the good things done.
All being branded corrupt because of a few bad apples.
Hated and despised all because you wear a Police uniform.

Unfortunately no matter what job wether it be Police, Army, General Security or what ever, some people when given certain powers think that they are better than the normal Joe and will over react or deliberately use force when it is not necessary.
Some of the time Police do become so frustrated that they break the law that they are sworn to uphold.
Again I agree that a lot of this unnecessary action goes on day after day, and most Police getting away with it, but lets not forget - when we are in trouble and need help and protection , who do we call????????

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Sunday 3rd August 2008 | 02:17 AM

...in response to this comment by Bob. frustration, lack of sleep, whatever.....its no excuse.

you have a responsibility, whatever job you do

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