The girl in the window: The story of Danielle.

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The girl in the window: The story of Danielle.

I need to warn you about this story, as it is both horrifying and saddening, but it does have a happy ending.

When Danielle was found by authorities in July of 2005, she was just six years old, starving, and unable to talk. Wearing a diaper, she was locked in a house littered with animal and human feces and thousands of live german cockroaches, which bit at her constantly. He diaper was soiled many times and was leaking down her legs.

First on the scene was detective Mark Holste, who says he recognised the roach bites on her, which started from her toes and went all the way to her head, and there were thousands of bites.

Danielle has been taken on by a new caring family now, and is in speech therapy and other educational programs in an effort to get her to communicate beyond simple grunts.

So what did Danielle's 'Mother' (Michelle Crocket) have to say? "I'm doing the best I can". Pathetic.

Crocket was facing a 20 year jail sentence for such serious neglect, but reached a deal with the prosecuters which saw her give up her parental rights, so she would never have to serve any time.

Despite the severity of Danielle's neglect, Crocket still rationalises her actions as a parent.

I for one, as many of you already know, think Michelle Crocket does not deserve to live. That she could sleep at night knowing she was denying her child food, clothing, and you know - basic human rights, knowing she was literally being eaten alive every night by cockroaches, and knowing full well she had no intention doing anything to improve Danielle's life, places her at the very bottom of everything that is despicable, sickening and evil.

Giving up her parental rights is too easy, and I would much rather see her in jail. You know what prisoners do when they know the new inmate is in for child abuse? Well apparently it's a lot worse in a womens' prison.

Anyway, the brilliantly compiled report features audio and video, of both Danielle and her rescuers.

Go there now.

Even though she's still on the long road to recovery, Danielle is doing fine with her new family now.


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Monday 4th August 2008 | 06:19 PM

I saw the story today. I was speechless. If ever you needed a reason to restrict who can and can't bear children this is fucking good reason. The mother's IQ was 77 which is the threshold of intellectual functioning. She shouldn't have been allowed to have a child.

I'm with you on this one - she got off easily. Where's the justice?

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Monday 4th August 2008 | 06:25 PM

Thanks for having my back Cron. I am speechless as well. I just can't get my head around how anyone can do this to their own child (or anyone elses). In my opinion that woman no longer has the same rights afforded to decent human beings. No jail time? Seriously WTF? I would have thought there was enough evidence to throw her in jail for life and forfeit her parental rights. Why was there any deal made at all?

If there was such a thing as hell, may Michelle Crocket burn in it for eternity.

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Monday 4th August 2008 | 07:31 PM

Horrifying. Hang the mom I say.

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gainsville crime scene clean

Tuesday 5th August 2008 | 05:23 AM

This story is absolutely horrendous! The mother and her boyfriend are getting off way to easy in my opinion. This is not only torture, but stealing a child's ability to be a part of society, and the ability to have a normal life.

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Tuesday 5th August 2008 | 07:33 AM

Damn. I cried when I read this story.

This is an attrocity. Horrible. Abhorrent. Disgusting. Vomitous.

I'm with you Mike, I really just can not comprehend how you could curcumvent even your own instincts to place your child in such circumstances. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

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Tuesday 5th August 2008 | 02:10 PM

I don't know about Dani's birth mother--sounds like she's 59 cards short of a full deck. I cannot believe that any sane person would allow their child to live that way, and I don't know how sane it'd be to burn an insane person for all eternity for a crime whose effects won't last throughout eternity, but I certainly understand how someone could feel that way, Michael.

On the other hand, Dani's adoptive parents and brothers deserve a lot of thanks for their what they're doing and all the love and patience they show. They are exemplary and God bless them all. (I felt sad that William had to sleep in the laundry room where he was scared, and yet he's so sweet about it.)

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Tuesday 5th August 2008 | 11:23 PM

I am left wondering how Michelle Crocket and, especially her children, fell through the cracks. It would be my guess that Crocket has more stacked up against her than a borderline IQ which is scary enough. That she was out on her own having children leaves me wondering where her support was. People who are borderline need more life skills training and they are often afflicted with personality disorders and other mental/emotional complexities.

What about the so-called social workers that apparently, more than once, left the children in horrendous conditions. What burden of responsibility do the "proper authorities" have for this continuing for years? Years that this lovely little girl could have received love and help she so desperately needed. It appears if people had done the jobs they are paid to do, Crocket's parental rights could have, and should have, been terminated a lot sooner.

Kudos to the fantastic family that has embraced this beautiful child and I hope, with love, special help and time she will be able to fully embrace the good life can offer.

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Wednesday 6th August 2008 | 10:50 AM

that incubator which is her 'mother' should be steralised. i think its disgusting that something like that can give birth to a child and neglect it, where so many couple cant have children and the adoption processes wont let then adopt within their own country.

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Friday 22nd August 2008 | 09:01 AM

as a mom this saddened me....some bad things happen for good to come out of them.....this is sad even for the sons..........y has people not took notice of her boys too?.....cause there 20 something? imagine there life too.......i am happy for the baby girl........sad for the sons who lost there sister forever.........i pray to god that all one day they meet later in life.......son is retarded as well so it was not his responsibility to care for is going through the worst of worst pains.......but should be in jail and not gave her up............but she did and is out and she is living with it......everyday..i couldnt imagine ever not paying any mind to my kids.....good riddens michelle

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Wednesday 4th March 2009 | 08:34 AM

Hey Danielle you are really pretty and I am sorry for what you had to go through

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f**** mothers who do this

Thursday 21st May 2009 | 07:15 AM

its florida what the hell do you expect they let parents get off way to easy and there justice system sucks massively

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Saturday 1st August 2009 | 01:09 AM

Fast death would be too easy for the offenders.

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Thursday 14th July 2011 | 08:54 PM

The mother needed help herself, where was she going to get it? The requirement that retarded people be sterilized ended many many years to protect their rights. It seems that no one helps though. It's our country and ignorant people who don't care to become informed as to how systems work before they go shouting as to who is to blame who are also at fault. It doesn't help anything to just be angry and target the weakest link...a mother who was retarded herself. Who helped her? Who educated her? Who taught her jow to care for children or the need to clean? Probobly no one.

Would one of her accusers here have taken the time to teach her these things if the had the opportunit? Keep in mind it may take a long time as she is slow herself, would you have time? Who should do it? How would it be funded? Tough questions huh...are there any answers? When things take time, money and resources, I just hear how it's sad. Would anyone be willing to have higher taxes so such people could get help or training?

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