The $1000 iPhone scam app

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The $1000 iPhone <del>scam</del> app

Where there's a popular product you better believe there will be people trying to cash in on it, even via less moral means.

Take the new iPhone 'application' created by one Armin Heinrich, which was available on the official Apple store site for a princely $999.99. Now any application that costs a grand, particularly one for a phone, better be damned good. But what does Heinrich's app do? Nothing at all. It just places an icon in among the others, of a gem, with the words 'I am rich' under it.

"The red icon on your iPhone or iPod touch always reminds you (and others when you show it to them) that you were rich enough to afford this,"

Although I don't know how many people actually bought this, I would not at all be surprised if anyone did.

Most are saying it's a scam, but it can't really be called as such when the statement above accompanies the product before purchase. I think it's the work of one smarty-pants who wants to mock the people with more dollars than sense who like to brag about their wealth.

What better way to brag than to say 'I'm so rich, I can afford to blow a cool 1K on an icon!"?


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Marvin The Martian

Thursday 7th August 2008 | 11:04 AM

It's the 10% stupidity factor.

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Marvin The Martian

Thursday 7th August 2008 | 11:07 AM

Apparently there is a suppliment to the article:

It appears that either Apple or the developer has removed the item from the store.

Curious if anyone bought it though

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Thursday 7th August 2008 | 03:03 PM

As suspected, someone was dumb enough to buy it:

Here's the thread on Digg:

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Thursday 7th August 2008 | 03:31 PM response to this comment by Mikey. When I read that guy's post I read "idiot bought something without reading the details, realised he's a tool, and tried to lie his way out of it..."

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Thursday 7th August 2008 | 05:52 PM

This just makes me laugh. I don't think it should have been taken off the store actually.... it's prefectly up-front about what it is (a show-off piece). The dude's a genius for thinking this up. I bet Steve Jobs got a copy for free :)

The guy that bought it.... not much sympathy from me I`m afraid.

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Friday 8th August 2008 | 09:28 AM

It's still a scam - plain and simple!

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Friday 8th August 2008 | 03:27 PM

How can it be a scam when it was totally honest about what it did (and didn't) do?

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Friday 8th August 2008 | 05:56 PM

8 people have bought the icon

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8 Morons bought it

Sunday 10th August 2008 | 02:44 PM

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