Freebasing with Google

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Freebasing with Google

Another month, another Google beta. Forgive my tone for it is unintentional. As a self confessed Google fan boy I actually find everything the search giants do to be nothing short of staggering.

But my fandom is not unfounded. Google offer the best web related services on the planet for free. So it's hard to not get excited about their latest venture, .

allows anyone to submit online or offline content that Google will not only host for you at no cost, but also make it searchable online.

Writing a book? Got a short story? Recipes? News item? Rhetoric? Anything you want to share is easily indexed and made searchable in only minutes.

This will be great news for anyone who ever wanted to have an online voice but do not want to set up a web site and pay for yearly domain and hosting. Think of it as a zero cost publisher of your works.

I added three Rusty Lime articles to the Base and was published in only a few minutes. When adding content, you specify Labels (Keywords and phrases) and Attributes, which are also words or phrases that describe your content. There is an option to set an expiry date on your content, which is good if your content is only relevant for a certain period.

After specifying a few basic keywords and descriptions, your content is subject to an approval process which took about ten minutes. After that, the content is automatically processed and added to the Base.

Your articles are all viewable when logged in allowing you to edit and add content or attributes.

Searching for my articles using the keywords works as expected. Search for "" instantly displayed my article on software bugs among two other results with the image I specified.

Google Base

While specifically targeted search queries like that will be advantageous to some, separating the signal from the noise can have less desirable affects. Search "" for example, and you will have to choose between 174 results (at last count). You can expect that number to grow exponentially as gains more exposure.

But the keyword here is beta. Knowing Google as we do, expect the beta to run for a very long time before significant enhancements are made. After all, Google News has been in Beta for years now.

Share it now! I plan on publishing some of my experiences as a web developer soon as previously I had no medium to get it online without forking out for a new web site and domain dedicated just for that. I own and manage three web sites but neither of them are suitable for this particular content.

presents a realistic solution to this problem, and it will not cost me anything more than a few minutes of my time.

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Thursday 8th December 2005 | 08:27 PM

go you googler. base sounds good. will check it out.

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Friday 9th December 2005 | 11:18 AM

Never heard of it but I am going to try this out.

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