Apple propaganda bites iPhone in the arse

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Apple propaganda bites iPhone in the arse

The Advertising Standards Authority in the UK has banned the Apple iPhone advertisement from further broadcasting, due to the adverts claim that "all the parts of the internet are on the iPhone".

This claim is as we all know completely false, as 2 of the most significant Internet technologies are totally absent from the iPhone, Flash and Java, which on many web sites are essential to their functionality.

Apple says that their statement "all the parts of the internet are on the iPhone" was about availability, not the functionality of a web site. Pretty dumb when you consider having the Internet on a mobile phone is nothing new (although Apple seems to act like it's something new and special) and any given web site is only of use if you can - you know - actually interact with it.

As an example, I produced a flash animation on the home page of the company I work for, which demonstrates our key message of products and services. As our CEO and Managing Director both have iPhones, it must amuse them to no end to know they can't even demonstrate it to potential clients and investors on their brand spanking new toys when it would have worked in any other browser nearly a decade ago.

But this is Apple all over, propaganda is their most powerful advertising tool. Just look at all those Apple vs PC adverts. As amusing as they are, they are full of misleading and outdated Windows stereotypical anomalies.

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Thursday 28th August 2008 | 09:01 AM

I find the more money spent on a worthless device is directly proportionate the the number of zealots who will come to defend it. Watch out.

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The Computer Whisperer

Thursday 28th August 2008 | 10:47 AM

I worked on an OSX (Panther) Apple just the other day, it crashed twice, one time it froze, the other time I got text with black background and white text. The computer has all sorts of odd issues and nowhere to look for specific solutions, just general miscellaneous bandaid fixes that sometimes work but mostly dont.

I think the Apple Macintosh is more problematic than a Windows system, it's just that less people use mac's. The majority of my customers who own Apple Mac's also own a Windows based pc too. You know, to do all those things that you can't do on a Mac.


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Thursday 28th August 2008 | 11:14 AM

Im over my iphone already. Ashamed to admit i got it for the cool interface. It was a bad investment.

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