Myspace: If you're not pretty, you're not welcome

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Myspace: If you're not pretty, you're not welcome

It seems the narcissistic centre of the universe does have a problem with certain types of people after all.

Myspace administrators have banned a couple from posting pictures of their young recently deceased son on their Myspace page because, well because he doesn't look very attractive.

BJ suffered horrific burns as a youngster and died after seven years. The pictures are all his family have left of him, but Myspace reckon that's just not on. BJ's father said:

"Regardless of what he looks like, he is still a child, he's not a monster. It makes me very angry and it's probably a good thing that MySpace is in California instead of Indiana because I'd be in their office having a few choice words with them.

Personally I would like for them to apologize to us first of all, but not just to me but to BJ and say you're not offensive and we're sorry that we ever thought that."

Myspace however are not budging, and say that if they post the pictures again they will delete the profile.

That's a pretty piss poor effort, Myspace. You knowingly support a haven for paedophiles and stalkers, but the moment a family want to honour their dead son in a public light you think it's inappropriate because of the child's physical appearance. If you want to talk about appearances, have a good look at yourself. May your ugly, miserable piss poor excuse for a web site die a well deserved death.

If any of our readers have a Myspace profile, you could do a lot worse than to communicating your disgust.

Source and video.

Update: It looks like after all. Thanks to Jack for the tip. I wonder if they would have done so if there wasn't so much public outrage though.

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Awesome Wells

Friday 29th August 2008 | 07:16 PM

I second that thought. Very piss poor indeed.

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Friday 29th August 2008 | 07:20 PM

Way to show your true colours myspace. You couldn't get any shallower.

The parents should start a facebook page instead.

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Dan L.

Friday 29th August 2008 | 07:22 PM

Is myspace important anymore? They should move to Facebook like Nicki said.

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Evan P

Friday 29th August 2008 | 07:24 PM

Stupid self obesssed wankers. Shame on Tom and the rest of them.

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Friday 29th August 2008 | 07:27 PM

Is myspace really that shallow? I knew there was a reason I hated it.

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Friday 29th August 2008 | 07:38 PM

How sad! Why would they do that?

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Friday 29th August 2008 | 07:40 PM

Myspace isn't the best place to be remembering your son but that just might because they don't know any alternatives.

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Friday 29th August 2008 | 07:42 PM

...but semi naked minors are OK on myspace. Kinda says it all doesnt it...

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Friday 29th August 2008 | 07:44 PM

Ironically there is a myspace support group for the family:

If someone sets up a Facebook group post it here and I will be there.

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Andrea L

Friday 29th August 2008 | 07:47 PM

Outrageous. Death to Myspace.

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Andrea L

Friday 29th August 2008 | 07:49 PM

...and rest in peace little boy.

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Friday 29th August 2008 | 08:56 PM

"Myspace has reposted the photos to my profile and Billy" (BJ's father) "spoke with a representative from Myspace who was very apologetic. THANK YOU ALL FOR EVERYTHING!!! We appreciate it sooo much!!" - Karlyn (BJ's mother)

Regardless of the fact that MySpace have realized they're going to get horrible publicity if they didn't apologize, this still does not excuse their original actions.

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Saturday 30th August 2008 | 07:53 AM

Hi Jack. Do you have a link to that? Strange I can't find any news of Myspace apologising anywhere. Thanks in advance.

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Saturday 30th August 2008 | 12:16 PM

that is lower than a snakes belly what myspace has done.. they have totally dishonoured this child and his family... im just glad i dont have a page with them
ps to apologise would mean they have done something 'wrong'..... and would open them up to an enslaught of legal issues. and being america.. someone will sue

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Nate >.>

Monday 1st September 2008 | 04:49 PM response to this comment by Andrea L. Seconded!

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