Game devs listen up: Stop hurting legit gamers

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Game devs listen up: Stop hurting legit gamers

I buy games, and anyone else who does will totally get this guy's frustration. Video game piracy is still a big issue according to most game developers, and one (Crytek) says they will stop developing for the PC (after Crysis Warhead) because piracy has caused poor sales on the platform. I say that's bullshit, and that poor sales for Crysis were more likely the result of people having to upgrade to the level of a HAL9000 in order to play it. But that's a story for another time.

One thing we can all agree on though is that the anti-piracy measures the game companies build into their products (securom etc...) only hurt legitimate users, and can be bypassed with no more than a single visit to and 30 seconds of your time. I hate being asked for my CD/DVD every time I want to play, not to mention the wear and tear associated with disc swapping all the time. Is the game company going to replace my disc for free if I scratch it? Of course not. That would be too helpful to us legitimate users, who you know, actually support the game developers.

So exactly what is the point of these lame 'anti-piracy' measures? As this practice has been rampant for years, I can't see any, except to maybe lull share-holders into a false sense of security.

Anyway, the reason for this post was to share the video below. He's right on the money, and passionate. Strong language warning though!

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Nate >.>

Monday 8th September 2008 | 07:50 PM


Give that guy a medal.

I fortunately have not had too much trouble with anti-piracy methods in the past, even though some of the games I own are, let's say, of questionable legality....but I have seen (and had) it happen before and I am with this guy for sure.....

Anti-Piracy methods do nothing, you're only screwing the people who buy it legit!!!

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Monday 8th September 2008 | 09:29 PM

Gee I'd never guess someone that wound up played FPS... FPS Doug, anyone?

Boom Headshot!

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