An evil close to home

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An evil close to home

Evil exists in many forms. As a parent with two daughters of my own, I was sickened to learn what happened a few days ago right under our very noses. What happened to Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia-Shu is every parent's nightmare, something so awful you would never wish it upon your worst enemies. A crime so horrific it defies belief.

Twenty one year old Dante Wyndham Arthurs of Canningvale, Perth, is being charged with the wilful murder, sexual penetration and deprivation of liberty of 8 year old Sofia Rodriguez-Urrutia-Shu. The details of the crime are well documented elsewhere so I will not go into detail here, needless to say I feel sick every time I think about it.

But some interesting revelations have since surfaced. In a web site post, someone is claiming that Arthurs is actually one of the two young boys, Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, who brutally murdered James Bulgar in 1993.

Venables and Thompson were jailed and released in 2001 on what is referred to as a life licence. In fear of their safety, both offenders had identity changes and relocated. Details of their relocation were never published.

In the web site post, the author states one of the boys had been sent out to Australia when he reached the age of 18, moved into Canningvale, and assumed his Grandfathers name - Dante Arthers.

While this has 'hoax' written all over it, the similarities between Thompson at age 10 and at age 21 are almost convincing. But thankfully today Perth Police have denied any link between the Bulgar and Rodriguez-Urrutia-Shu murders.

So how safe are our children? Is it time to panic? While this is certainly an isolated incident (as far as Perth is concerned at least), it does not mean we should be blase when it comes to monitoring our children.

Of all the places you would have thought you could leave your children alone for 1 minute, a toilet at a busy public shopping centre would almost certainly qualify. Having said that, being the paranoid untrusting person I am I never take my eyes of my daughters for even a second. Because one second leads to several seconds, which slowly creates an atmosphere of complacency, which means seconds could one day lead to minutes.

As far as I am concerned, every person within visual range is potentially a rapist, kidnapper or murderer, unless I know otherwise. This instinctive parental behaviour only kicked in immediately after our first born and is something I never even knew I could have in me. And although some might say I am over-protective, I would say to them I am simply being a parent. Let us not forget, an 8 year old girl was raped and murdered in a shopping centre, middle of the day, in public. Who would have believed this could happen?

As tragic as this incident is, we must at least honour Sofia's memory by learning something from it. Evil lurks where you least expect it. Even in small communities like ours. Keep an eye on your family.

I was tempted to pass this sentiment onto a woman I saw this evening when I stopped at our shopping centre to pick up baby products. I see she has left her daughter to play in the designated children's play area while she sips on a latte, back turned, yapping with her friend.

My heart and condolences go out to Sophia's family and friends.

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Wednesday 28th June 2006 | 09:52 PM

our thoughts are with the family...................

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Wednesday 28th June 2006 | 09:59 PM

Words can not describe how sad I feel for the family, and her brother who will no doubt be phsychologically scared for life after this indident. I am relieved to hear there is no connection between this and the UK murder. My love to Sofia's family...

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Thursday 29th June 2006 | 11:09 AM

vengance is Mine, saith the LORD,and I will repay...

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Thursday 29th June 2006 | 01:21 PM

I was wondering if the police would still deny the existance of the Bulgar connection if it did exist. Last time I checked no one is allowed to reveal that information - even the police.

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Thursday 29th June 2006 | 08:56 PM

A good point about the cops. They would have to deny it even if it were true. Strange though they are now concerened that the hoax email may affect the perpetrators's chances at trial. Espcecially when he has not denied the charges, has not applied for bail (as of today), and there are eye witnesses, and police have ferensic evidence. I think all of that has pretty much convicted him without the help of a hoax email.

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Saturday 8th July 2006 | 09:26 AM

May you rest in peace little girl, we will always remember you....

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Sunday 9th July 2006 | 01:02 AM

Cristina, the problem is this - will we?

Will we always remember that girl, so that we may teach children about safety, even in a so-called private place? I hope so, but people do have a habit of forgetting.

RIP, from me and my family.

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Wednesday 12th July 2006 | 11:27 AM

I will definately remember. I live up the road from the Livingston Markets Shopping Centre. I shop there every week, with my two children, 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son. I take them into the "disabled toilet" with the trolley - as it is too hard otherwise when you have a child wanting to go and a trolley laden with goods. I used to pass the fruit & veg section in the supermarket where he worked. It sickens me to think that he could have had such thoughts as he looked at my daughter while I shopped for vegies. It took me two weeks to overcome my fear and sadness and actually go back to the shopping centre to pay my respects to little Sofia. The atmosphere there is still very sombre and its a reminder to every parent to be extra careful and watch your children at all times. I definately do.

May Sofia's soul rest in peace and may God help her family get through this very difficult time.

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Wednesday 12th July 2006 | 12:15 PM

My heartfelt sympathy and sorrow goes out to that divine little princess Sophia's family. I pray justice will be served evenly and that a horrible despiteful person like Arthur gets his fair share of torture and punishment.

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mum of three

Thursday 20th July 2006 | 04:31 PM

Karma,  what goes around comes around..  or so we hope....

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Monday 14th August 2006 | 03:40 PM

What is happening with this guy now? The only time they say anything on the news is "he was not required to plead". So does that mean he has already confessed? Death to the sick bastard.

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Thursday 24th August 2006 | 08:13 PM

From ninemsn news: "The matter was adjourned until October 13 for committal."

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Tuesday 29th August 2006 | 08:40 AM

A prayer has been said for you little are in heaven now free from harm and pain and violence......robert thompson.... better hope he doesnt get death this time around!!!! he sure deserved it the first time!!! those children deserve to be alive more than those horrible creatures.....they did not deserve what happend to them!!! and not one scrap of justice was done!!! not one!!!!....FYI Iam one of many who signed the pettion for robert thompson and jon not be released!!! they should have sat in prison the rest of theyre miserable lives!

peace on the wind to (sophia & jamie)

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Tuesday 29th August 2006 | 10:00 PM

FYI Thompson and Vennables had nothing to do with this case. The entire myth was inspired by a hoax email that circualted after this tragedy took place. They are indeed monsters as well though.

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Friday 1st September 2006 | 08:49 AM

Well.... for one thompson and venables were given life licsences... they're identitys can not be known by there for if one of them did commit a crime in there future. it would still be unlawful to know there identity. and why just out of the blue would some one send such an email.. if there were no suspcion? this little girl was not killed the way jamie was! there are not to many connections other than.. the name of the man and what he looks like...there is an article..on bbc website about thompson...that right befor his release somone made a satement about him being over weight...and his hair had lightend..and that there had been talk that they may have to move the 2 boys out of the country for fear if somone saw them one day they would be ripped from limb to it may not even be a hoax..or it may? who will ever know...i know one thing if it is him no one will still never know becuase of his life license. all i can say is that those boys got off very very easy for what they did to little jamie. and if the email trully was a hoax i just see it as how bad this country has been effected by this crime...that everyone around the world wants to find some sort of peace in there hearts for jamie.. and if sending a "hoax" email is a way to try and pin point some one who looks like one of those boys....then it just gos to show how deepy it has hurt everyone that they just want to find those to monsters and do away with them..but we all know jamie will never come back even if we could hunt them down..and the same gos for sophia... but ive said all i can say....i will continue to mourne for baby jamie and sophia... no matter who there killers are or where they are!

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Wednesday 27th December 2006 | 09:48 PM

i am still waiting to see if anyone from perth went to school with this monster early years as i cant understand how this boy got to 21years old and never committed other offences

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Saturday 10th February 2007 | 05:20 PM

i am still deeply troubled and scared by the beautiful little soul that was taken from all of us ,i have kids of my own that are so young and pure,innocent,i cry every time i hear of these horrific sins that have been commited ,now in hearing that the monster wonts to plea insanity and im furious my blood boils.there something really wrong with this so called justice system,we all know what will happen he will plea insanity get maybe 2 years in graylands then he will be realeased on some out reach program. not good enough how much do our innocent little babies have to suffer from the system that is failling us all,and they wonder why parents take matters into there own hands?

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Monday 12th February 2007 | 03:40 PM

Pleading insanity? It makes you wonder if it is a legitimate defense or not. Apparently he">assaulted a young girl before but it got thrown our of court.

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Monday 26th February 2007 | 02:34 PM

its awful when you feel like the justice system is protecting theses types of monsters before the innocent,especially when every time a crime is being commited there trying so hard to find medical reasons for why people commit such a crime,there always making up excuses for them ,what about the innocent children that this waste of life has taken ,what about them ha,why cant the system just accept that he has done this and punish him,they are waisting so much time stuffing around with trying to pinpoint what is medically wrong with his brain,its pathetic we all no he has done this, the system knows, so why are they once again protecting him.WHY?WHEN IS HE GOING TO START SUFFERING.

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Ashliegh + Kaylor

Thursday 31st May 2007 | 03:43 PM

The pain and hurt that he has caused to the hearts of millions will never be mended.......... My heart is with the family and friends of the little Sofia.......... I can only hope that he is copping the same pain and humiliation that he has put upon her little soul......
She was a very beautiful girl and its is a shame she was taken so early she would have been such a heart breaker .........
Peace out Sofia

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Kaylor and Ashliegh

Thursday 31st May 2007 | 03:53 PM

There is no amount of words that can explain our feelings other than he was an arragont man and will aventually get whats coming...... but hopefully after this incident you will become more of a man than you ever could be..... we hope that this has only made you stronger and hope that you are staying strong for not only your self but also for your family and your health ..... stay strong you will adventually realise that she would appreciate you being happy.... you will never forget her she will always be in your heart...... stay strong babe...

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mother of 2

Tuesday 31st July 2007 | 09:41 PM

We need tougher laws. Its simple. He was seen running from there. He was on tape leaving from there. Criminals are just not that scrared anymore. Maybe facing death penalty could change that. I am not a big believer in the death penalty but times are changing and our crimes are getting worse.
My heart goes out to her family. No words for there pain. Only to know our thoughts are with you.

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Tuesday 31st July 2007 | 10:28 PM

What happened to Sofia was terrible. You will be pleased to know the accused has a trial date set, under">some interesting circumstances.

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Thursday 16th August 2007 | 11:45 PM

Poor sofia, I knew dante I used to play with him when I was little, as I am only a teenager now. I was terrified to find out about it mean it could have been me. I am still very twisted about this, I can't stop thinking about it. also yes its true there were previous charges of him assaulting another girl. I didnt hear about it until after sofia was killed though. I feel badly for her family and I feel badly for Dantes to living with the guilt of knowing your son stole a life can't be easy.I am so sorry and sad for Sofia.

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Wednesday 19th September 2007 | 09:20 PM

I fell sorry for that Lucy chick cuz she knew that murderer...I also hope her family is going well & I really feel for em. Man, I feel like crying... :'''''''''''''''''''( I am doing an assignment for school so I am doing this topic cuz I think more people should know what has happened so they always have someone with them when they go to the loo at shopping centres...

Catch ya!!!!

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Tuesday 25th September 2007 | 11:26 PM

i really miss sofia,she will always be in my prayers,she went to my s a little prayer for sofia and her family.

Dear God,
i hope Sofia's family will get through this,
may Sofia Rest In Peace
She did not deserve this.


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Saturday 26th January 2008 | 04:00 PM

I know that this murderer was the Bulger killer, They look very much alike. Jamie and Sophia were just two poor children who just minded their own stuff, then some one had to ruin their futures and lives, and they will never know what is is like to grow up into an adult, all because some one with a cruel evil heart ended it for them. I miss Jamie and Sophia, I wish I could give up my life for them, I would. RIP sweet angels.

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Tuesday 29th June 2010 | 11:28 PM response to this comment by mum of three. Yes, karma is the only thing left to believe in. I am continually floored by the way our so called "Justice" system protects these monsters from their own doing!!
A.N.C.O.R needs to be made available for every parent/ guardian so that we are able to protect our children from these seeminly incurable predators.

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