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I'm a PC

The Macintosh propaganda machine is at it again, this time with a humorous series of potential YouTube bait comparing PC's to Mac's. Naturally a slew of has followed.

As entertaining as are, unfortunately they use the same tired old irrelevant argument that you're typical Mac aficionado will give when ever defending his beloved platform: "PC's are not user friendly and crash all the time".

While this argument may have held true a decade ago in the Windows 95/98 days, the problem is most Mac users have not tried a PC lately, or are too proud to admit that Windows has come a long way since those days, and is just as easy to use as a Mac, and vice versa.

For if the myth of the constantly crashing, non user friendly PC was to die, Apple would have to try to sell their computers on the merits of their software. And when it boils down to it, software choice is irrelevant as the most common industry standard applications are available on both platforms. Office, Photoshop, Dreamweaver etc.

The amount of software available is a different story, but don't get me started on that. Maybe later.

Another common misconception is that Windows needs special configurations and oodles of spare time to set them up before you can use it. But the fact is if you buy a new PC it works right out of the box. Just like a Mac.

I don't have a problem with Mac users. I used to though. The latte sipping, skivvy wearing elitist dickheads with superiority complexes. I never really understood the attitude of the few aforementioned pratts I have had to deal with in the past. The ones who have complained when I was unable to open a file they sent me because it is in some proprietary Macintosh format. The same ones who said "What the f*ck is a file extension and why should I care?" while still maintaining that smug elitist demeanor. The ones who secretly hid their 'e-penis envy' because a simple hardware upgrade was a costly endevour with limited choice and even more limited performance. And yes I will dare to say it - the same ones who denied that games were of any interest to them so it didn't matter that you could count the good Mac titles on one hand.

An elitist attitude from someone whose preferred platform was still only on less than 5% of the world's desktops and has less than 10% of software available when compared to PC's is a rare thing indeed. I often compare it to what I call "Chiwawa Syndrome". The breed among the smallest of the canine family that feel the need to constantly bark and act aggressively as if they have something to prove. Anyway, I digress...

Given quantity does not necessarily equate to quality, but it certainly equates to choice. And one thing the Windows platform certainly has is a vast amount of software to choose from. And you don't have to be locked into a proprietary product cycle when it comes to hardware upgrades. Oh and for me one of the best parts is not having to be automatically affiliated with the i-Nob. Oops I mean i-Pod.

Thankfully these days are slowly falling behind us. Today it is rarely an issue when I am sent a file from a Mac user, or a Linux user for that matter. And the attitude seems to have been dropped by all but one OS9 user.

I do long for the day when the term 'platform wars' is nothing but a cobweb infected Wikipedia argument nexus. Until then, go you mighty Mac user.

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Long Lang

Monday 7th August 2006 | 05:24 PM

hahaha - go you mighty mac use. a mate of mine will get a kick out of that. hey most mac users i know are still dheads :-p

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Wednesday 9th August 2006 | 11:28 PM

You don't like Macs. We get it. Good point about the marketing thing those ads would have been right at home in 1998. I use Windows and Mac and neither are less reliable than the other. Something you left out though is that Windows crashes are nearly always the result of dodgy drivers and software and not the OS. And when a Mac crashes it is usually for the same reason. The laws of probability dictate any OS with a significant majority of software will be prone to crashes more often. I like this site.

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Friday 11th August 2006 | 09:10 AM

hey heres a great movie for all (rightly) smug pc users wantig to have a wee dig at macs... http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/31000/Why_Macintosh_Sucks.html">http://www.spikedhumor.com/articles/31000/Why_Macintosh_Sucks.html

for more giggles search that site for other mac video jibes using the keyword "mac"

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Monday 28th August 2006 | 08:37 PM

I seriously have no problem using Mac or PC. I love both of them... but it is sad when you see Mac user goes around talking about their Mac so and so.... seriously I believe all this come from the HEAD. Do you see Bill Gates making fun of Mac user on any of his speeches? Well you see Steve Jobs does that.... so the main person to be blame is Steve Jobs, a sour loser... remind me of our younger days when we lose a fight or game we try to make fun of the other party just to cover our own lost. Duh!

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Monday 28th August 2006 | 10:03 PM

Talk about propaganda. The Apple http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8itY7a25A6I">WWDC Intro has a great line by the PC guy. "If you want you could help out on Vista..we could...use some help there. Steve says thats fine. He doesn't like to see Microsoft so far behind."

Microsoft behind?! Hah! Lets see now...% of Mac desktops world wide - around 5%. Windows desktops - around 85%. Do Mac users buy this? Apparently they buy anything and I dont mean over priced hardware. I have 3 Mac user freinds. All of them were assured by the sales people they bought them from that Apple was on more desktops in the world than any other platform. They were prety bummed when I told them they were lied to.

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Monday 28th August 2006 | 10:45 PM

From the http://www.happynowhere.net/mac_parody.php">Hunter Cressall guy who did the mac parody: "Anyway, there isn't anyone more Mac than I am. I just don't like their advertising campaign which claims that just because one embeds a Unix kernel under a redundant operating system that such an operating system is uncrashable."...and..."Windows doesn't actually advertise that their OS never crashes." We all know every OS crashes. To say yours doesn't is just plain arrogant or delusional.

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Wednesday 30th August 2006 | 03:39 AM

oh for crying out loud, a few ridiculous misconceptions... 1. not all Mac users are unfamiliar with PCs. i would definitely be considered a power user with PCs, until two years ago when i switched and have been infinitely happier. i've used PCs since far before Windows, and with all that accumulated knowledge I could not get any operating system up to XP Pro to behave as stably with the raw performance I can get out of Mac OS X 10.4, and with signifigantly less configuring and time invested. this is not to say that my Mac isn't a memory hog or have its own set of problems, but dollar for dollar, this is a superior system for stable graphic design, film, and sound work with much less effort. 2. i totally understand how some PC users find Mac users obnoxious. i used Macs all through school starting about 8 years ago, but refused to buy one, declaring the virtues of my custom grey box back home. the Macs, and thier users annoyed me as kind of pretentious. after implementing OS X 10.3 at a business I worked at a few years ago (they were still on 9) i started to signifigantly prefer it to my system back at home. i needed to buy a new system and decided i'd try taking the plunger, and since then I too have become an annoying cheerleader for the Apple corporation. It's an honest effect of the various qualities of the product, coupled with the frustration of so many poorly conceived aspects of MS Windows. There's a reason that the percentage of people who switch from Windows to Mac and swear they'd never go back far outnumber the percentage of people who switch from Mac to Windows and declare they'd never go back. Perhaps a Mac isn't for you, which is totally cool. But realize that many Mac enthusiasts really aren't bad folks, they just really prefer their Mac. 3. the hardware is not overpriced at all. taking just about any Mac configuration and comparing it to the checkout cost of any similar Dell configuration will configure this. and with the latest Mac Pro, they are seriously undercutting any similar hardware configuration. where this misconception clearly comes from though is simple: Apple simply doesn't sell systems with the quality level of inexpensive PCs. this is good in the sense that as any non-biased publication will report (such as Consumer Reports) the rate of hardware defect on a Mac is about half of the PC industry, but at the same time Apple hurts themselves by selling configurations that far outpace the needs and pocketbooks of many users. 4. there are many serious advantages the Mac has over Windows for specific types of work. the claim that all major software is on both platforms is true, absolutely with a few exceptions on either side, but the Mac comes bundled with all kinds of relevant software and integrated systems that would save some users time and serious money. for instance, i worked for an architecture and engineering firm last year, and had to have a few hundred dollars of colour and font management software just to equal the press proofing quality my Mac at home already came with. furthermore, the audio and midi latency i get on my Mac with no special audio card absolutely crushes what Windows can do without a serious audio card to handle things. this isn't to say that a PC couldn't be even better, but at a much greater cost. 5. clearly the Get a Mac ad campaign mainly appeals to Mac users, which is not an effective way of advertising.

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Matthew Heidenreich

Sunday 3rd September 2006 | 12:22 PM

ha....you windows people.  I switched from windows to mac around a year ago and will probally not go back.  I admit, PC's are better for probally 1 thing.  People that liking gaming.  Otherwise Apple would be the best bet.  It is so much cleaner, and well...look at vista.  Microsoft seems to like apple too, since they take everything from OS X and then some.  Oh ya...and on the comment that only 5% percent have macs.  Yes, that is true.  But, one thing is.  Alot of people don't know they have a choice.  What do you get standard when you go to Best Buy, or some other electronic store.  It is Window/pc.  Your average consumer doesn't know they have a choice and thats why the ads are actually pretty great idea for people that don't know much about their decisions.  

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Monday 4th September 2006 | 02:14 PM

Do these arguments really matter any more? I have a Macbook Pro running both Mac OS X and Windows XP. Windows XP does run well enough. I can run all those Windows games. I thats what I primarily use Windows for. What's the difference I find between both OSes? There are a few things quantitative, but I find many differences qualitative. And I would say the Mac OS feels more solid. It looks better. Functionality is elegant and a bit better designed. The Mac OS has an edge over Windows and obviously will keep that edge due the release cycles of both OSes. If you want to argue price, go for it. We are not talking much of a price delta, but I would argue as above the quality delta is greater. If the PC is good enough for you, great. Personally, good enough is not for me. I don't drink Nescafe, I want some of that real gourmet shit. Anyway, keep grinding away at the arguments, it's all fun. Adrian http://www.thebeststuffintheworld.com/">Best Stuff in the World

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Friday 29th June 2007 | 12:05 AM

Did you know they ran a different series for the UK?

http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=mac+vs+pc+UK&search=">You Tube

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Friday 29th June 2007 | 07:48 AM

Yeah - and for http://www.ifilm.com/collection/19349/channel/commercials">Japan.

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Monday 2nd July 2007 | 12:53 PM

I just want o know why Mac commercials must hate on PC's. Why cant they just tell you about what they have, and then stop. No they have to tell you why the PC is bad/un-cool, so then every one that has a mac must go around and tell thier PC buddys about the Mac and why it is is better. IMO vista is shit, i should know, i have it and im on it right now, but in the end Mac will come out with some new commercial about how OS what ever is so much better then vista so some how come back, when all they are doing is pissing me off. All i can say next is watch out for the ibox because thats all they have left to fail at.

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