It's a girl! Congratulations to Rodney

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It's a girl! Congratulations to Rodney

We have a policy against using Rusty Lime for blogging about our personal lives, but we make exceptions for news like this.

As of Sunday just passed our very own Rodney became a first time Father, his wife giving birth to a beautiful 3.7kg baby girl!

Just chatting to the new Dad now and he is already becoming accustomed to the routine, which as any new Father knows compromises of doting around the newborn and giving up significant portions of your sleep :-)

From everyone here at Rusty Lime, we wish you and your wife all the best. When you eventually sink back into a normal routine be sure to drop by and let us know what you decided to name the little one.

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Tuesday 7th October 2008 | 09:30 AM

Well done mate - welcome to the club.

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Tuesday 7th October 2008 | 10:34 AM


Heartfelt congratulations to you and your wife for your new baby girl!


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Tuesday 7th October 2008 | 10:56 AM

Ah, congratulations Rodney on meeting the person responsible for the best times and experiences of your life for many, many years to come.

2 pieces of advce; the learning curve is friging verticle, adapt and change as needed, and no child was ever adversly affected by having too many kisses or too many cudles, love deeply and unreservedly.

Congratulations daddy!

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Tuesday 7th October 2008 | 11:32 AM


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Tuesday 7th October 2008 | 12:35 PM


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Tuesday 7th October 2008 | 12:54 PM

well done and welcome to the real world!!!!

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Tuesday 7th October 2008 | 02:55 PM

Congrats mate!

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Kim OJ

Tuesday 7th October 2008 | 03:55 PM

Gratulations, I guess we will not be seeing much of you for a while now, but do drop in from time to time.

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Joe Marco

Tuesday 7th October 2008 | 05:02 PM

Damn Dude! Congrats! I'm having a Fosters!

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Tuesday 7th October 2008 | 05:04 PM

congrats rodney!

If you need any girl clothes gimme a pm or something. Our girls are 3 and 4 now, so you'll have to save them for a while.

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Tuesday 7th October 2008 | 06:08 PM

Congratulations Rodney and wife! May your beautiful baby girl bless you always!

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Wednesday 8th October 2008 | 09:45 AM

Hi everyone and thanks so much. :-)

She's a beautiful little baby and already bringing us a lot of joy and big smiles. Looking forward to getting her home from the hospital in the next few days and then the fun can really begin!

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Thursday 9th October 2008 | 05:02 AM

Congratulations Rodney and Mrs.

Indeed, congrats. Have you thought of a name yet? In Mexico, you could name her Rodnita (little Rodney)

I was there for the birth of all three of mine, and the first one truly is a turning point in the life of any man.



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The Movie Whore

Thursday 9th October 2008 | 06:21 AM

Congrats Dude!

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Thursday 9th October 2008 | 07:13 AM


And woman I'm sure.


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Thursday 9th October 2008 | 07:14 AM response to this comment by Friendo. I thought that if I had another girl, I would show my ignorant ethnicist and name her Azerbajan, what do you think?

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