3D printing to satisfy all your nerdy impulses

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3D printing to satisfy all your nerdy impulses

So you've spent a solid week in 3D Studio max painstakingly modelling, and you think your model deserves to be rendered on something other than your 2D flat screen. I know the feeling, but now there is something you can do.

Shapeways offer a unique 3D printing service, where you can upload your 3D model have it reproduced into a physical form.

The possible applications for 3D printing are exciting. Presenting a physical model of a concept product for example would go a long way to convincing potential investors. Or for medical purposes where 3D imaging can be used to create a physical model without resorting to exploratory surgery every time.

And of course as mentioned there is the important stuff, like that life size Han in Carbonite you've been wanting since you were a little tike.

Anyway, the service isn't as costly as you would expect. Check it out.

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Tuesday 21st October 2008 | 04:26 PM

www.figureprints.com has been offering a similar service for a while now, except they produce a 3D model of your World of Warcraft character. Geeky I know but its an interesting way in which they use 3D printing. I don't believe it's that expensive either.

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Joe Marco

Wednesday 22nd October 2008 | 04:59 PM

wow, that's one step closer to a replicator.

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General Fabb

Monday 27th October 2008 | 02:59 AM

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Friday 5th December 2008 | 08:20 PM
No total kudos

Print yourself in 3D - Check out what www.JuJups.com is launching this Christmas.

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