Thinking inside the square: Prisoner mails himself out of jail

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Thinking inside the square: Prisoner mails himself out of jail

A convicted drug dealer is currently on the loose after escaping from jail by - would you believe mailing himself out of jail?

The inmate worked on stationery items with the other prisoners, and at the end of his shift, climbed into a cardboard box which was picked up and transported out of the prison by a courier.

Naturally, the prison authorities are embarrassed by this incident.

"When the weekly express courier arrived to pick up several boxes of merchandise, the one containing the prisoner was also loaded into the back of the lorry. Shortly after it had passed through the prison gates, the inmate made his dash for freedom by cutting a big hole in the tarpaulin of the lorry and jumping off."

Genius in it's simplicity, but I hope they catch the guy. Michael Schofield would be proud.


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Sunday 16th November 2008 | 01:26 AM

he could, and he did



Sunday 16th November 2008 | 09:06 AM
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The way some packages get handled by delivery companies, he might have been much safer inside the klink.

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Monday 17th November 2008 | 08:57 AM

I don't remember seeing this episode of prison break... possibly because a season would have been over in 15 minutes.

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