Dawkins interviews Darren Brown on 'Psychics'

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Dawkins interviews Darren Brown on 'Psychics'

Richard Dawkins rarely steps away from the topic of religion, but when he does I find it amusing his justifiable arrogance still manages to shine through in style.

In this video Dawkins interviews Darren Brown on the subject of 'psychics' or cold readers, or to be more accurate, the techniques used by the people who deliberately try to trick others into thinking they have some sort psychic ability.

Me personally, I'm a sceptic. Maybe that's because the number of scammers heavily outweigh the 'real' psychics, and when I say 'real' psychics I am of course referring to the 0% that have been scientifically proven to have some actual ability.

The thing is, people are easy to convince, and desperate people are even more susceptible. Peter Popoff is .

This video is in 6 parts and will automatically play one after the other.

Kim OJ

Kim OJ

Sunday 21st December 2008 | 03:45 PM
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The extend of Bad Faith never seizes to amaze.

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