Shiver me timbers! Are these genuine?

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Shiver me timbers! Are these genuine?

Before I start with the subject of this post, let me say we love eBay. I rarely use it myself, but my wife goes nuts for it. Every time I want something I trust her to find the best deal.

So what happens when something arrives that was not exactly as expected? Yesterday my discs arrived. And I mean 'discs' in every sense of the word, because that is all I got. "The Root of all Evil" and "War in Science" did not come with any packaging, and cover, or anything that might pass them as genuine. See the image on the right for yourself.

Both discs were contained in a clear flexible sleeve. Neither of them work on my PC DVD reader or DVD Burner.

So just a warning to anyone shopping for DVD's on eBay. If it is marked as "no region" then it probably means the seller has a patch over one eye and a parrot on his shoulder.


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Saturday 27th January 2007 | 06:00 PM

mike, like the way u use the teminology for pirate copy!!!

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Saturday 27th January 2007 | 06:05 PM

doesn't the seller have some many stars next to there name or reader comments whether they are a trusted seller?

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Saturday 27th January 2007 | 09:59 PM

We have since learned the seller has 'closed shop' and is no longer a registered member on eBay. I am uncertain if this is coincidence or not, but when I chatted with the eBay rep she said they would not pursue unless I gave them a formal complaint. I did however show the rep the buyer's page in question.

It doesn't matter now. Both DVD's do work and I got what I wanted, with the exception of the original cases. But we can't resell them on eBay otherwise we will be the pirates!

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