Where is Vista DreamScene?

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Where is Vista DreamScene?

Talk about a tease. A few weeks ago Vista Ultimate owners were promised an uber desktop experience under the moniker, DreamScene. Even the low res demonstration video was enough to get people pumped.

The other two promised extras (BitLocker and EFS Enhancements and Hold 'Em Poker) came down on patch Tuesday, but DreamScene was curiously absent.

From the Vista Ultimate web site:

"Ultimate Extras won't be available until January 30th, but you can get a sneak preview right now on the Extras page. Find out about the exciting programs and enhancements that will be available exclusively to those of you with Windows Vista Ultimate."

The guys at the DreamScene WinCustomise site are probably wondering the same. Fingers crossed for this Tuesday. But if anyone has some inside information, please share it.
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Wednesday 7th February 2007 | 06:41 AM

Vista??? Aero.. what a acrock of k*k mate.. you want something that is AMAZING and free.

Shes called Beryl and wow.. vista whats that can you eat it?

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Wednesday 7th February 2007 | 08:43 AM

Noooooo! If I hear the words Beryl or Ubuntu one more time I am gonna hurl! I look at that video and the words "impractical gimmick" come to mind :-)

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Wednesday 7th February 2007 | 08:27 PM

ROFL.. obviously you've never actually used the thing ;) you can make it as (im)practical as you like ;)

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Wednesday 14th February 2007 | 06:05 AM

Boy does that linux shit look sh1t - its ugly as anything, rather use dos - oh wait, it is a glorified dos.

stick with vista <3 and dx10 tnx

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