The Accidental Designer - Part II

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The Accidental Designer - Part II

Short round bald guy explained that the competition was actually a farce which he had organised. "Fantastic!" I thought to myself while wondering why anyone would so such a thing. He was the director/owner of a web development start-up and was seeking graphics talent to come into the organisation from the ground floor.

The competition it was really about him scoping for a web designer. Which meant he was possibly looking at me for teh role. That seemed a little improbable though considering my lack of experience in the field. And to this day I am uncertain why he just didn't use traditional routes.

And the prize was something completely different, if I was interested. The conversation (paraphrased) was very short and went something like this:

Bald guy: You designed the logo yourself?
Me: Yes
Bald guy: Have you done any other graphics work, and can you show me samples?
Me: Yes (I pointed him towards some stuff I had online. Basic 3DSMax stuff and Photoshop compositions. Embarrassing really.)
Bald guy: So you know your way around Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash?
Me: Yes (not really knowing what Flash was.)
Bald guy: How is your HTML? Are you comfortable hand coding?
Me: Fine, and yes. (A lie! Without WYSWYG I was nothing.)
Bald guy: Do you have any sites you can show me online?
Me: Yes

I proceeded to load up some sites I had done for friends and my personal web site. Nothing special but they were OK for the time.

He studied the source code; sometimes nodding, sometimes shaking his head. I realised at this stage I was being interviewed. Then bald guy said something that stunned me.

"Would you like a job?"

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Sunday 4th February 2007 | 10:27 PM

Wow you must have thought it pretty full on. Don't be ashamed about Pagemill because I used version 3!

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