P2P has no effect on music sales

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P2P has no effect on music sales

A recent study into the affects of illegal music downloads has confirmed what we already suspected. According to Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Koleman Strumpf (study in the Journal of Political Economy) illegal music downloads have no noticeable affects on music sales, despite what the RIAA tells us.

A study such as this coming from a credible source as opposed to mere speculation will upset the RIAA no doubt. Coupled with music vendors like EMI and Apple icon Steve Jobs realising the evils of DRM, the RIAA will have a battle on their hands trying to convince us otherwise.



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Janice Wong

Wednesday 14th February 2007 | 01:43 AM

I download a lot of albums, but I still buy a lot of CDs as well, I just buy the good ones now!
I use P2P as well to share with friends, thing is, I use an encrypted solution, GigaTribe ( http://www.gigatribe.com ), that keeps my downloads/uploads hidden from my ISP (and the RIAA)! And I think that once others start exploring such free encrypted solutions, the RIAA will have to focus its efforts on other issues, such as improving the music that labels are releasing...enough top-40 R&B garbage already!!

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Thursday 15th February 2007 | 10:09 AM

Is Gigatribe a torrent based client?

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