You can blog but you can't hide

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You can blog but you can't hide

Apparently the MPAA think they are above the law. Patrick Robin, the developer of ForestBlog noticed that the MPAA has been using his software on their web site.

On Robin's web site: "Cool, I thought, until I had a look around and saw that all of the back links to my main site had been removed with nary a mention in the source code!"

Robin allows the use ForestBlog under the 'linkware' license, which simply means you are required to leave the link back to the original web site in tact. If you want to remove the link, (as the MPAA have done) then you must purchase a personal or commercial license. So eyebrows are raised when an organisation that is in the business of protecting copyright works decides to infringe on someone else's copyright work.

But it is conceivable the MPAA don't actually do any of the development of their own web site, leaving it to a 3rd party web firm. So this may in fact be the fault of a dodgy web developer. The MPAA should have made certain. The MPAA page is incidentally not working any more, to save further embarrassment no doubt.

But on the other hand, the MPAA are in the habit of suing the parents of children who have illegally downloaded movies, even if they were completely unaware.

I hope the Karma Gods are watching closely.

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